Wednesday, August 4, 2010


this weekend was gorgeous.

so we spent a lot of time outside eating popsicles- and watching the hubs & his dad work on the coop (btw, are chickens came in last night. OMG- pictures to come!)



this child will take a popsicle from anyone- think evil looking Freddy Kreuger. "oh, you have a popsicle? well ok then!"


she is also easily amused by nature. thing grass, leaves & acorns. the latter of which she fully enjoys putting in her mouth- so she must be watched like a hawk.


and last but not least- her favorite pastime. standing. she'll use anything & everything to pull herself up. including the dogs- who move a lot- which = lots of falling & her screaming in outrage.

so there's your dose of alex- and here's your dose of calories:


that's right. i spent the weekend making an insane amount of homemade cinnamon buns (recipe in the food blog friends)

they were so good it hurt....for real. my stomach couldn't handle the 3 i ate in a freaking row.
but i'm very proud of myself for getting them done- i love to bake but i'm a bit lazy when it comes to rolling uot dough & letting it rise.

well it's worth it for these. indeed it is!
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Desi said...

mmmm those cinnamon buns look ahhmazing!

Carol said...

Cuteness overload! I can't believe she is standing like that, in her leg warmers in the middle of summer. I wish it were cool enough for that down here!

I'm on the south beach diet - those Buns put me over the edge, this cheesestick just ain't cuttin' it. YUM!

Elizabeth said...

those look a-mazing!
and how cute is Alex?!!

Monkey's mama said...

Your daughter is adorable!! I think I saw in the photo she wears cloth diapers. It's always nice to see a fellow cloth mama :)

I just found your blog from The Life of Rylie..and Bryce, too! :)

I'm your newest follower!

please stop by some time at:

C said...

She is so freaking adorable! I didn't know you cloth diaper. Now I want a popsicle and some cinnamon buns. Grrr...