Monday, August 2, 2010

but it's SUMMER!!!!

who the hell gets a headcold in the middle of summer?

apparently my child & i.

friday = suspicious behavior (ie: runny nose, sneezing, squinty eyes, flushed cheeks, all around fussiness) from miss alex.

so i sprayed saline, sucked snot, rubbed on baby Vick's, fired up the Vick's Vaporizer & chased her around with Boogie Wipes. i also denied that this was a "cold"- i mean, come on. it's freaking summer.

saturday = same behavior- but lets up the fussy factor by 10% or so. incredible! so more of the above (much to her dismay). however, i was still unwilling to call this a "cold" and instead opted for "allergies?"

sunday = a much happier baby. all of the above was still performed, but my child was happy 97% of the time. i think it helped that grandma was over & gave in to alex's every demand.

sunday night = my nose is stuffy. i sneeze. hmmmm, weird. ALLERGIES! must be. oh well- i go to bed.
i then sneeze during maritals ("achoo!" "bless you" "thank you...continue") which leads to an amusing pause but nevertheless, an undeterred husband.

monday morning = i am a miserable mess. my nose is stuffy, running, raw. my throat burns from post-nasal drip. the space between my eyes throbs from the constant snot sucking (i swear to God i try to blow. but you know when you blow & blow & nothing comes out? ::sob::)

i dress my child and ask her why she has done this to me (it was very dramatic) and she replies by farting on my hand. ::sigh::

so now i sit here at work. my eyes are watering & my head aches. have a tissue stuffed into one of my nostrils (which i gracefully remove before facing any co-workers) and i've already eaten 3 homemade cinnamon buns (because i don'thave any medicine- duh) and i've finally admitted it:

we have summer colds.

so yeah. i guess i'll go home & pour warm salt water up my nose & then completely disregard the Warning on the Vick's by shoving it up my nose. caues, what else can i do? really?

oh...and i pray the hubs doesn't get sick. not because i'm a loving wife who dosesn't want to see her partner suffer. no- because he'll be more of a bbay than alex about it. miserable.
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Carol said...

That last sentence cracks me up cause it's true! Men are such babies when they are sick.

I hope you feel better soon!

Blair@HeirtoBlair said...

Right there with you in sniffly misery. It's summer. This should be ILLEGAL.

LA @The Reel Family said...

Oh man sick hubby is 10 times worse than a sick baby in my book. I hope for your cute preggo sake that you are in going to be spared that. :)

Anonymous said...


D said...

Hope you guys feel better soon! And your last statement... soooo true! Men are the worst at being sick.