Wednesday, August 25, 2010

11 months old

as of yesterday my kid is 11 months old. if someone could please explain how the hell that happened i'd appreciate it.

i tried to get 11 month pics- you'd think i was torturing her. she wouldn't sit still- she screamed- slapped me & crawled away. it was impossible- but i got...something:


right? she looks quasi-creepy. and the focus is totally on her shoulder/bib. tsk tsk.


here she looks confused & exhausted. Family Guy & an insane mother with a camera don't mix well.

thankfully this morning she was in better spirits. and since she had on an adorable outfit (in my humble opinion) i grabbed some shots:


the lighting was less than stellar- but it's not even 5AM. it's not my fault!

and don't we love these shoes:


they FINALLY fit her- i swear my child's feet don't grow.


i was standing there practically yelling, "look at me! look at me!" and this is what i get. ignore. BURN!

and last but not least:


this is her new favorite "toy". it's a pair of pants with a random giraffe puppet attached to the pocket (?!?!?!). it was folded up & ready to be packed away for kid#2 & she snagged it off the changing table. she won't give it up- seriously. she has it at my mother's house right now & has been playing with it all morning. so odd.

so yeah. 11 months. i really don't think i can deal with this whole "growing up" thing- specially this morning as she snuggled with me while i fed her her bottle (which she still refuses to hold).

i dunno- she's still a BABY TO ME!!! ::sniff::
i love her.
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Desi said...

I think I'll consider Liv my baby for a long time to come. I don't think there's anything wrong with that, right? right. :)

Lisa said...

What a cutie! Love those shoes :)
Happy 11 months to her!

Mrs. V said...

I think this may be my first comment on your blog, but I have been a reader for a while now...since Alex was pretty little! I think she's adorable in these pics. I love her dark curly hair! Anyway, I was just wondering if you would share your photo editing tips (if any?). I'm wondering how you get her eyes to be "glossy" and the white part reeeally white? I use a nikon D5000 and have an iMac but I don't have any editing software...Any help would be appreciated! THanks!

Mrs. V said...

I guess I should also mention that I only have the kit lens but I'm thinking of getting a 55mm f1.8 fixed lens for extra sharp subjects and extra blurry backgrounds. What lens do you use? You pictures are always amazing!! I'm going to take my sister's newborn pics in a few weeks and I'm looking for some advice :)

My email is

Carol said...

Only 30 some days till the big ONE! It's amazing how fast the time goes and how quickly they change. That part won't ever change. But, when you are looking back at pictures of Alex and bird #2, you'll realize just how much of a baby Alex still is.

Loved the weiner line from Gymboree! I bought my girls matching stuff from that line awhile ago, and it's so stinkin' cute and I don't even own weiner dogs!

Jess said...

She's so cute! You can really see her personality in these pictures. They grow up WAY too fast. I'm already panicking about it, and my little one is still incubating- lol.

D said...

Such a beautiful smile :) And those shoes are fantastic! Happy 11 Months!!!

janineb said...

FYI - K's feet were the same. She was in a size 4 for god knows how long, then she pretty much skipped 5 and moved into 6. No rhyme or reason - didn't match a clothing growth spurt at all.
she is adorable, as ever!

Mrs.F said...

I love the 4th picture!!! That smile would make me melt EVERY SINGLE TIME.

kriznizzel said...

Wow what a pretty girl. Love her hair and yes that outfit is great.

Crystal said...

OH. MY. GAWWWWWSH! she is just the cutest little girl ever! i agree with mrs. f; the fourth heart melted!!! and the last pic with her new toy, her stance is adorable!

kk @ the mom diggity said...

such sweet pictures!!! happy 11 months!

Rinny said...

so beautiful!

cupcake_queen said...

I love her cute little green shoes!!

Emily Jean said...

She is soooo pretty! And cute, precious, and every other adorable adjective out there!

And the shoes are FAB!

Katie said...

What brand are those adorable green shoes?