Thursday, April 22, 2010

baby #2 update

(i'll post the u/s pics after i get home & scan them!)

what we saw last time: 04/15

- gestational sac (measuring at 5 weeks 1 day)
- yolk sac
- implantation bleed (subchorionic hematoma)

what we saw this time: 04/22

- gestational sac
- yolk sac
- baby (measuring @ 6 weeks 1 day)
- heartbeat @ 124 bpm
- smaller implantation bleed (subchorionic hematoma)

so you know what that means? it mean yay! i can finally relax (but only a little because i'm freaking paranoid- der) the subchorionic hematoma explains the small amount of reddish/brown blood that i've been seeing for the past week. and it will most likely continue until the SCH bleeds out or re-absorbs.

my OB said things look "fantastic" and that i shouldn't worry about the SCH considering the awesome growth & very strong heartbeat (for such a young babe)

so, while we're definately not out of the woods- i feel much better! i was so freaking terrified that we weren't going to see anything this time. i had that sickly feeling (you know, when your bowels just drop) but felt immediate relief when she stuck the wand in & zoomed up. and when i saw the flickering heartbeat ::swoon::
i seriously don't know if there is anything better than seeing that. oy.

the hubs came along this time, and once he got over his shock at the size of the u/s wand ("omg- do they stick that all the way in you?!!?") i could see him smiling away.
here's to 9 more months of "i told you so!"
this is the one situation where i can't begrudge him for it.

i've got a nurse appt scheduled for 05/11 & my first "real" Ob appt on 05/19. how very surreal.
the girl that checked me out was like, "ummm, weren't you just here and pregnant like, a few months ago?"
why yes, yes i was sweetie.

thanks to all for their well wishes & prayers (you're totally allowed to keep praying- i'm cool with that ;)

p.s. aaaand- today is the last day to enter the Princess Couture Designs giveaway! i'll announce the winner in the early AM! thanks for playing :)

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Elizabeth said...

That's such great news! I will keep you in my prayers! :)

PhinneyGirl said...

Congrats on healthy progress! That is great. Much H&H for the duration of your pregnancy!

Kayla said...

Very happy for your great news! I had a SCH too, and Miss Halston made it here safe and sound :). It eventually just went away! Best wishes.

Jennifer said...

Great news!!! Have a very happy 9 months :-)

Shannon said...

Wonderful news! I know how you feel. I didn't breath a complete sigh of relief until I was holding GG in my arms and then it was only for a moment because then I started freaking out about not knowing anything about being a good mother. Gotta love those hormones! Will be thinking of you! All the best!

Rebekah said...

::Happy Dance::
Great news, lady! Prayers still coming!

A Baby Peach said...

yay! Congratulations girl! How cool :)

erin said...

when it comes to kids, i don't think we ever stop worrying! but here's to a healthy pregnancy with minimal worry! congrats!

One Love Mama said...

Excellent news! Happy Earth Day :-)

Anne said...

Great news and I am still so excited for you :)

Saffy said...

Duuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuude!!!! :) :) :)

Tiffany said...

So exciting! I can't wait to hear more!

Peeper said...

Congratulations T!

Eliza said...

Yay!!! Flippin' sa-weet!!!!!! So happy to hear this! Congrats!!!

Bella said...

Two million congrats! That's so awesome!

D said...

Awesome :) :) :) We'll keep sending prayers your way!

Christine said...

I am so glad things are looking great! So glad! :)

What great news!!

Leigh said...

Congrats - what great news.

when is your due date?

Blushingbride said...

That is so freaking awesome. I am so so happy for you.

Diana said...

OMG HOW DID I MISS THIS? I had no idea you were pregnant again!! Congrats momma, I don't think the world can handle 2 kids that insanely adorable. I am so excited for you. Really.


Mrs.F said...

Yay great news!

Jess said...

Congratulations! :)

Jen said...