Thursday, April 1, 2010

my first photo submissions!

so The Pioneer Woman has a Flickr photo group & she does a PW Photography Assignment
this week's assignment was GREEN! well hello!!! my all time favorite color EVER! so i had to enter. now my photos SUCK ASS compared to alot of the entries- but i was still sorta proud of them- hello pretty spring time!

i only get to enter 2 (hello procrastination) and i picked photo#4 for today. i get once more chance for tomorrow, so which one do you think i should enter?

here they are (click on the links underneath each to see it in a larger size!)

#1 clicky

#2 clicky
#3 clicky

#4 clicky

#5 clicky

#6 clicky

#7 clicky

#8 clicky

hmmm? looking at these pics REALLY makes me want to go out & buy a macro lense- like whoa.
Carolyn over @ The Exposed Mom has a macro lense & her up close shots kick ass.
i love detail & close ups & i feel like you can only see the detail in these if you look @ a large pic- i want that up close & personal feel even with a smaller pic!
but i have to stop myself- i really need a wider lense first so i'm going to order a 35mm f/1.8 (it's between that & a 50mm but i think it might get "tight" inside my house...)
i think it'll end up being my "go to" lense- once day i'll score a macro..

so yeah- which one do you like best/think i should enter for tomorrow?
or if you hate them all & you ran screaming from your computer screen in horror- feel free to let me know about that as well!
and make sure to check back on Monday for my LeapFrog Digital Camera giveaway! it's a sweet little camera for sweet little kids (or immature adults like myself) :)

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Grace said...

I like #7, cool shots!!

Raising Madison said...

I really like number 3.

liz said...

Either #1 or #6. Love the vibrant green! I'm grabbing a button of yours to add to my blog roll page.

metta1313 said...

I like 6 and 7. And you are a great photographer.

Eliza said...

I like your green pants shot. It's unexpected! Good job!

Anne said...

I vote #1!

Laura said...

I had a hard time choosing, but I think I'd go with #7.

Great photos!

Mari said...

I'm not artistic at all... So, my opinion may differ from the pros.

But, I really like #1, #8, and #7. In that order. :)

Rebekah said...

I like #1! I also like your green pants shot! I saw on a blog out there at some point the tip to put a small piece of fabric behind plant shots like this to make the color really pop.

I have a 50mm lens, and though I'm still learning my whole camera, so far I really like it!

Amy said...

I love your photos. I really like #6. This is my first time at your blog and I love it!!!
now a follower!


Tam said...

wonderful pics! I am dying for a macro but for now we're using a macro filter on a 50mm.

I took this one with it - turned out pretty well!