Thursday, April 8, 2010

CafePress Earth Day Photo Contest & Eco Tote

so the good folks over at CafePress wanted me to let you know that they have a little contest going on right now!

what's that? you love CafePress because they're the place to find unique & personalized gifts for anyone on any topic and you want in?! i thought so.

so take a gander @ their Earth Day Photo Contest & Free Eco Tote

(tote is free- there is a $1.25 shipping fee)

you get to enter a photo, share your ideas/dreams for a greener earth and BAM- you could win an Eco Vacation in the U.S Virgin Islands. um hello? who doesn't want that? (unless you already live there & if you do, well...i hate you)

you don't have to do anything here- just click on the link & off you go!

it's fun- i promise! i did it: see?

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