Saturday, April 17, 2010

twitter home tour

so as many of you know, i live in a log cabin. an honest to goodness ski lodge really.
best thing about it? it's a log cabin of course!
bigget fears? fire & termited. oy!

i gave a "tour" when we first moved in- but here's what it looks like now:

i'll start with Alex's room:

mr birdie on the light switch is my favorite!

i love her room. it's a tad bit small- but it's perfect for now. i searched high & low for that rug & was ever so lucky to get my hands on it. i also have a small obsession with Amy Ruppel's artwork so that is what adorns her walls.

the decal was a cinch to put up and i love all the little birds.

onto the master bedroom:

if you look closely you'll see a stinkbug climbing on the mattress. i promptly made the husband put him outside. ick. you can also see where my cats flex their claws. annoying.
the blue sheet is spread over the bed daily so we don't have to sleep surrounded by cat hair.

my side/dresser.

the "guestbook" from our wedding.

i smell like one of these on a daily basis.

we have an addtl dresser- but it doesn't fit. so the hubs clothing is in the closet. poor guy.

ok next- the loo:
quite possibly the ugliest vanity known to man- but we're too cheap to change it yet...

the hallway:

now, the living room, kitchen, family room & dining room. yes- all in one:


i swear my counters are usually bare- however the husband has taken it apon himself to change the oil in my jeep- so this is where it sits until he does it...

the husband's pride & joy...enough liquor to rival the most well stocked bar.

i SO prayed that the previous owners would leave this when they moved out- i was so stoked when i saw that they had!

what we see when we look up


we love our L couch- but we're definately going to need a normal one- we need more room to move around...
technically this is the dining area- but we hardly ever eat in it (which explains my art stuff & PR things littering the table)

the front door:
what greets me when i get home...

the third bedroom:

it's being worked on currently (the hubs first project after i told him about baby #2) this'll be alex's room...
the basement:
yeah- it's just a un-finished basement.

the backyard:

the front of the house:

and i'll leave ypu with what alex does best:

play of course!

thanks for stopping by :)
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Jenny said...

Ohhh! I love your house! It's so cozy and gorgeous.

One question: How many times have there been pullup/chinup or other such shenanigans on the beams after the spirits start to flow?

Ravi said...

very cute. Glad you posted!

Noelle said...

Hi, I have been following your blog for a while and never left a comment... since I just peeped all over your house it seemed like the right time to say, Hi and I love it! A log cabin, woods and a bad ass rock wall out back, LOVE IT!!

PhinneyGirl said...

Very cute house! Makes me want to move out of the city for country life (I assume you live somewhere rural?)

BabyWid said...

Great house! I have two wieners dogs too!

Amy said...

I love the house!!! Love the style! Maybe we can switch homes!

Bekah said...

cute digs! Do you ever struggle with whether or not to paint some of the wooden walls? I thnk your place looks not trying to imply that it doesnt. We have a room (living/dining combo) that is all wood (not cheap panels..real wood like yours) and sometimes I love it, sometimes I want to paint it...just wondering if you do that too?

Heidi - D said...

Beautiful cabin! I would love to live in one myself... Thanks for sharing!

Eliza said...

I love your home. If my husband saw this, he would want to take over your house! He loves log cabins! Thanks for sharing!
PS Alex's rrom is so cute!!!

Tasha Lehman said...

What a unique and charming home!

t.bird said...

jenny- thankfully never! i think it's too high. heh.
ravi- thank you!
noelle- thank you! the hubs just fixed that wall!
PG- thanks! yes- we live sorta rural. 10 minutes from "the real world" :)
BW- omg. weiner love!!!
amy- if you live in a victorian my hubs is all for it ;)
bekah- i think i'm the one weird person who loves the look of wood wood wood! i was so happy that the previous owners never painted the wood because i'd have been really sad! so i just can't imagine painting over all that gorgeous WOOD! :)
heidi- thank you!
eliza- thank you!
tasha- thank you!

Baby For Ballerina said...

Such an awesome home. That's our retirement goal live in a log cabin half of the year and live on a sailboat in the Gulf of Mexico the other half. :)

erin said...

love love love the vaulted ceilings! totally jealous!

beingzaraandzidan said...

Loved the baby's room, its cute & cozy! do visit my home ''

Kate said...

Very cool home!

You must feeling like you're on vacation everyday!

Christine said...

I absolutely love your cabin!! Thanks for sharing. :)

The Mommy said...

Wow! That nursery is b-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l!

At first I was like this house probably looks like a cabin from the inside, but I was wrong!
Do you mind if I ask where you live??:)
I want to shift right there too!!

Tiffany said...

I love your house. I've always wanted a log cabin. It's beautiful and I love all the detail.

Cole said...

Daddy would *love* your house - he likes wood and exposed beams! Such a cozy home...

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