Monday, January 5, 2009

8dp5dt OMFG!!!!!!

*UPDATE*- nurse called back- she simply told me to continue with my progesterone 2x a day & come in on wed- booo! i want a test NOW! but i'll be patient...argh!!!

ok- so i did a couple things that i thought i would never have/be able to do:

1. i cried in the shower last night & asked God why? i try to never question Him- i have no right- but i was just so upset. then i apologized & listed all the things i am thankful for.

2. i got up this morning- still spotting- went to work a whole 5 hours early (i'm working the late shift & i forgot- grrr) so i came home & POAS just to make sure that i wasn't KU.

3. i left the pee stick on the counter- went & took my pants off & wandered back in- saw the BFP & started sobbing & praying. i literally SHOVED a progesterone tablet inside of me & begged God to let this one stick.

4. i ran to the trash & dug through it, looking for Sat's pee stick (i know, so gross)- i found it & stared at it- the "BFN" that i saw on sat was now a BFP!!!

5. i called my nurses & asked them to PLEASE call me back!!!

6. i took all these pictures & i'm putting them here for all of you too look @ and reassure me & tell me that everything is going to be fine!!!!

the above was dug out of the trash this morning!!!!

the above was taken this morning!!!!

ok so now i'm worried!!! why was i bleeding yesterday? it wouldn't be implantation bleeding would it? because i got a positive...? i don't know!!! or could it be???

and my test this morning is darker- but is it dark enough? and i'm still spotting (brown)- & i kind of have craps on my left side- i don't know though. God- those nurses better call me back soon- you think they'd let me get a beta drawn today?!!!

the most concerning thing is the cramps on my left side- i hope this isn't another ectopic- also my cramps in general- i feel like my period is coming RIGHT NOW!!! ugh!!!
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Danse said...

Congratulations, T! I have you in my thoughts - I'm hoping for a happy and healthy 9 months for you!

shawnandlarissa said...

OMG T! That is definitely a positive pregnancy test! How exciting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

osuraj said...

I hope this is it for you, I am keeping my fingers crossed!

Marijana said...

OMG--that's definitely a BFP! I'm keeping everything crossed for you!

Sasha & Mark said...

Wooo HOOOO!!! OMG! I hope this is it for you!! I had pink spotting the day of my BFP (7dp5dt), so who knows what our bodies are doing?! As long as you're pregnant-- YAY!! ENJOY!!

Jennifer said...

Oooh both of those are def positive. I'm as thrilled as I could be for you. Yay!

Rebekah said...

Congrats! Praying so hard that this one sticks!

True Companions Plus One? said...

Yaaaaaaay! OMG I am so excited for you! Those are definitely positive tests and I really hope this one decides to stick around.

Now nurses - CALL HER BACK, this girl needs a beta, STAT! ;-)

momofonefornow said...

OK, I am going to rat myself out here. When I was with my RE and he wouldn't give me my beta until the "assigned" day I called my GP and told them I wasn't feeling well. I went in to the office and said I had been really lethargic but that there was a chance I might be pregnant and maybe we should just go ahead and check that too.

I did feel kind of sluggish and icky so it wasn't a complete lie. I got my beta, and it was good. So...if they don't call you could just sort of leave out a few pertinent details... :0)

janineb said...

That is definitely a BFP!! And FWIW, I had bad cramps before I got my positive, so I thought FP was on its way. I also had bad cramping on the left for a few weeks - to the point i was doubled over in pain several times a day. But it wasn't ectopic.
((fingers crossed))

Just Me said...

Hang in there T!!!!!!

There are lots of women who spot with their BFP and everything is fine!!!

I'm hoping for some great news!!!


Sasha & Mark said...

Is it wednesday yet...???!!! I'm sure you are dying to get your number! Stick baby stick!!

LDRN said...

I literally got tears in my eyes upon reading this entry! I am praying ever so hard for you....
Stick little one (in the right place) STICK!!