Monday, January 12, 2009


so- i was pretty stoked because my spotting & cramping had pretty much gone away by thursday or so- it was very comforting. then, of course, i cramped up allll day yesterday & the spotting resumed (verrrry lightly) but still there. also this morning- more spotting (brown)- ugh.

i know that cramping & spotting can be normal- but it's still nerve wracking!! i don't feel pregnant at all (m/s, sore boobs or anything like that)- i mean, i'm crampy, gassy, hungry, tired, a little bloated but that's all my usual period like symptoms as well- so no reassurance there. there is also the p4 to take into account- it can give you all of those symptoms- which is worries me because i feel like the p4 is just "holding" everything up there, you know?

i was trying very hard to be postive & start planning ahead, but it's a constant struggle.
also- we were sitting on the couch yesterday & out of the blue the husband says:
"thursday is so far away!"
and he's RIGHT! i can't even believe i have to wait that long for #'s- ugh. it's cruel.

but yeah- i just wanted to update. i'm thankful for all the reassurance i've had from everyone up until this point- it definately helps! but still- i think it's natural to worry, worry, worry!

i don't know why we can't just be pregnant & be done with it. why must this be so hard!?

ok- i should work. 4 days of work until i get my results- GOSH!
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shawnandlarissa said...

I'm sure you must be going crazy. But Thursday will get here and until then you are pregnant. Try to enjoy it a little!

Danse said...

I hope Thursday comes soon!

Sasha & Mark said...

Those first weeks, you just live appointment to appointment. It is totally normal to worry. I had very few symptoms too, and actually liked feeling nausea, just to remind myself-- yes, I'm pregnant. I hope Thursday comes soon. Hang in there!

Rebekah said...

Ugh, I know they say spotting is normal, but I understand the momentary freak out. Praying for this week to fly by...

LDRN said...

Did you POAS again?
Keeping you all (and Thursday's #s) in my thoughts & prayers...I come back here about everyday to see if you've updated.
I'm on pins & needles for ya!!

True Companions Plus One? said...

I think I'd be worried, too - living from appointment to appointment. Aaaaaahhhh! lol

I am still just so excited for you two - yaay!