Monday, January 26, 2009

6 weeks 6 days

i was doing so well! trying not to worry-and etc etc. i also haven't had any spotting for the past couple weeks.

well alas- last night @ 9:30pm when i went to "check" i saw some brown spotting. there was only a little more when i wiped- and then i went to bed.
well my p4 had plenty of time to do it's leaking overnight so when i got up @ 2:30am to pee- the lovely mess was waiting for me & it was a little brown- but not bad.

there was a bit more this morning @ 5am (ish)- and one time when i wiped it looked like brown EWCM & almost like that brown "discharge" you get at the very begining or end of your period- but since then it's been barely enough for me to wipe & see.

i'm not cramping any more than usual- i've pretty much accepted the constant cramps & twinges & also the somewhat painful cramps that go along with the p4- but i don't have bad cramps & then spotting or anything.

meh- i'm hoping it's fine, and even if it's not, there's nothing i can do. my 1st u/s is tomorrow @ 10:30am so we'll see what happens then.

i've been reassured many times by everyone that reads my blog, so this entry is more for my records than anything!
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