Friday, January 23, 2009

what a sad way to start friday

i NEVER buy breakfast in the morning- i always eat my trusty pop-tarts & have a glass of water. it's how i roll.

but this morning i really wanted an iced chai tea latte from Panera. really bad! so i stopped & bought one (also a cinnamon roll)- so i get to work and i'm juggling everything & pushing the elevator button- just as i'm re-adjusting my bag....BAM! there goes my chai. i watch it slip right out of my arm & lose it's battle with gravity. gravity & the lobby's marble floor are bff's- i just know it.

i was in shock- i wanted to cry. i mean, i really wanted that chai. argh! so i brought my crap upstairs- put the coffee on for all the other office peeps- trudged down to the lobby & cleaned up the mess the best i could- i think i used an entire tree worth of napkins & paper towels.

then i went back upstairs to mope- but then i stopped and decided...NO! i will NOT mope! i WILL have my chai! so i grabbed my coat & bag & drove BACK to Panera & orderd another one. it was the same girl behind the counter & i know she recognized me- but she preteneded not to- bless her heart.

then i drove back to work (FIRMLY clutching my chai) and breathed a sigh of relief once it was safetly deposited onto my desk. then i drank it (and ate the cinn. roll) and it was perfect.

so yes- i spent about $7 on chai this morning- but i don't regret it.
my only regret is trying to juggle a plastic Panera cup whilst wearing mittens- dumb idea.
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stacey said...

Glad you got the chai:-)

Mandy said...

i'm glad someone loves chai as much as me. i'd do the same thing :D

Rebekah said...

I think I would have done the same thing!