Wednesday, January 7, 2009

10dp5dt- Beta day!

so i made my way through the sleet & snow to the lab this morning & the lovely labotomist (or whatever) took my blood & sent me on my way with good luck wishes.

so now i agony.

i'm still spotting (brown) but i had some red yesterday that worried me- but i took another test @ 5:30ish in the p.m. with very dilluted urine & it was even darker than yesterday morning's- sooo yeah. i know that doesn't really mean much- but still.

ugh- i'm going to make myself sick with all this impatience. yar!

thank you for all you prayers, good luck wishes & etc!!! they mean the world.
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Sasha & Mark said...

Thinking of you today... I hope that spotting ends soon!

Marijana said...

I'll be thinking about you today and can't wait to hear about your betas. I know those numbers will be great!!

Danse said...

I'm thinking of you! Good luck and come on high betas!

Callie said...

Good luck... hoping for great numbers!!

E_Sharp said...

I'd say a darker HPT is a great sign!
Bleeding happens sometimes. Just ask me and Mrs. White!