Thursday, January 15, 2009

18dp5dt beta#3

xp from thenest:

beta#1= 107 on 01/07 (p4= 20)- 4weeks1day (10dp5dt)
beta#2= 274 on 01/09 (p4= 26)- 4weeks3days (12dp5dt)
beta#3= 4,020 on 01/15 (p4= 28.6)- 5weeks2days (18dp5dt)
1st US= 01/27 @ 10:30a.m.- 7weeks0days

the nurse said my #'s were good- they have sufficiently more than doubled. she also said my p4 was good- but personally, i'd like to see it higher- but oh well. i'll continue on my Endometrim tablets 2x a day.

i was hoping my 1st us would be next week- but i guess i'll have to suck it up & wait. booo.
but yeah- do those #'s look good??? i'm very thankful for the doubling- but i think i have this mindset that my HCG should be this ginormous # by now- meh.

my husband asked when he could be excited- first i told him after the 2nd beta- then i told him after the 3rd beta- now i want to tell him after the 1st us- i'm such a liar. :)
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Marijana said...

Awesome numbers! If you do the math, your beta has WAY more than doubled. I am so so SO happy for you! Can't wait to hear about the u/s :)

LDRN said...

Waaaaay more than doubled!!
CONGRATS sweetie, you are PREGNANT (though I know you are being cautious until the U/s)....can't wait to hear further news!!!

Danse said...

Those numbers look great! Congratulations, so happy for you!!!!

Callie said...

YAY! Awesome numbers!

Kelley said...

Congrats on the great numbers hon! Here's hoping the ultrasound brings you more good news!

ksizzle said...

I remember seeing your siggy on GP and hoping your numbers atleast doubled. I see they more than doubled. Congrats and wishing you a Happy and Healthy 9 months!!

Nicki said...

AHH! Yay! I really am excited for you! Those numbers are beautiful! You should be very excited. However, I can relate as to why you might be cautious. I say enjoy it because yes, you really are pregnant!! Can't wait to hear what the u/s brings!

Hoping for our own Peanut said...

i stumbled across your blog and wanted to say congrats!! i am about to endure my first IVF and love reading stories with BFPs!!!