Friday, January 9, 2009

12dp5dt- Beta #2

xp from thenest:
beta = 274
progesterone= 26

ok- so i know that doubled, but i can't lie- i was hoping for some huge ass # to calm my fears. all my googling brings up women with much higher #'s so it's a bit disheartening- but i'm trying to be positive & thankful- i swear!!!

my spotting is pretty much non- existant (yay) but i am still crampy (boo) but not as much (yay)- ok.

my next beta isn't until the 15th! i can't wait that long!! seriously- can i get it drawn elsewhere? i'm going to go crazy if i have to wait till next thurs...argh
anywho- thank you ladies for everything- i shall keep you updated.
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Marijana said...

Girl, I could smack you--your beta almost tripled! My beta at 11 DPO was 68, and then was at 200 2 days later. You have fanstastic numbers!

Congrats momma, you are pregnant!! I'm so thrilled for you!

Ana said...

Hi, Blog lurker here... I'm enjoying your blog... and I'm really excited for you! Long story short, I've had lots of infertility problems myself (I'm one of the people that I hate b/c I have three kids... one adopted and twins with drugs) We are trying again (I'm an idiot) blah blah blah. What I wanted to say was... I had tons of cramping when I FINALLY got prego with the boys. I spent the first several weeks crying my eyes out b/c I was sure that I really couldn't be pregnant, and if I was, I was sure to lose the baby. Obviously no two cases are alike, but cramping, for me, was on the menu. The doctors told me (after we found out there were @ 6 weeks) that it was probably just my uterus pulling on the ligaments. Who knows... Ok, end of my book. Congrats and good luck! :)

Danse said...

Yay for doubling! I'll be thinking of you!

ajvann said...

Sounds like you are pregnant for sure!! With the bleeding gone and a doubling beta there is no denying it. Huge congrats to you! I can't tell you how overjoyed I am for you. Can't wait to hear all about your pregnancy.

Jennifer said...

Cramping is totally normal. I had some early on myself though I understand the fear. I freaked out too.

Congrats on the beta!

LDRN said...

That's a wonderful number!!! Doubling is awesome! (Another hour or so wait for that blood draw would have shown it tripled, I'm sure of it!!)
I'm still praying for you & your new little family!!

Andrea said...

I think those are great numbers! Congrats!!