Wednesday, January 14, 2009

17dp5dt & peek-tures

first things first: since beta#3 is on the morrow- i decided to POAS when i got home. cool? yes.

so i did it- still pregnant and the test line came up RIGHT AWAY & WAY before the control line and as you can see- it's way darker. that has to mean something, right?
*i know it really means nothing, but still. anywho- superness.

next: LMAO at cessna's "ponytail"- she looks foolish & i love it. weepy eyes & all.
*she hated this- she was rather irked with me

lastly- check out the VERY late christmas present that FINALLY came in for the husband.

he is obsessed with black & green & it's nearly impossible to find b&g shoes that he A. likes or B. fit him. so i went to and custom designed some for him. it was loads of fun & worth every cent.

when he walks in the door tonight...BAM! he's gonna be ticked pink!

and VERY lastly- i'm either getting a UTI or the p4 supps are bothering me- i really can't decide which i think it is- if i still feel "bothered" tomorrow, i guess i'll call the PCP & have them do a dip stick test. better safe than sorry.
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Stephanie said...

Wow that is a super dark bfp! I hope your 3rd beta is great tomorrow! I can't believe how big baby Cessna is getting! She looks huge! And the shoes for DH are awesome...I did not know you could custom design shoes! Sweet. Sending tons of good vibes your way for tomorrow!! ((hugs))

LDRN said...

Love seeing that dark line!!! It's getting darker every time!
I love your DH's shoes....too cool!
And I will again be praying & crossing everything imaginable for tomorrow! Looking forward to your update!

Emilia said...

LOL, Cessna is so cute in her ponytail. I will be praying for big numbers for you today!!

Marijana said...

Cessna is so cute! I like to torture Leo by wrapping him up in a towel and making him look like a bundled up baby. He hates it, but looks SO cute!

I will be thinking about you today. Can't wait to hear about that HUGE beta number! (HUGS)

Echloe said...

Good luck at the beta today.
Be careful with Cessna. Dogs get their revenge.