Tuesday, June 21, 2011

whirlwind weekend

what. a. weekend.

it was jam packed with awesome.
from a saturday at home (just the girls & i), to father's day @ the Roger William's Zoo, to Rita's, to an awesome GTG in Boston on Monday- so much fun.

i'll break it down for you though- let's focus on the GTG from Monday (which'll give me another day to finish editing the Zoo pics)

thanks to the internet i've met some pretty awesome people in my lifetime.

back in the day, i also met some less than stellar peeps guys who probably had my parents praying that they wouldn't have to put my face on a "Have You Seen This Girl?" poster (p.s. not every guy in a band is hot. and most of them don't have jobs or cars.
but that's neither here not there. )

anyway- back to the awesome people part. 4 years ago, while struggling to get pregnant i found myself relating to a group of women on thebump.com.

all of us barren. all of us bitter. all of us in need of something to take our minds off of what we could not have. so we banded together & became fast friends.

since that time the majority of us have had the babies we craved & then some. also, instead of drifting apart we've become even closer. i think it has to do with the fact that we're all very, very real.

real. honest. blunt. logical. loyal. loving. bitchy. snarky. hilarious. ridiculously good looking. good at making cute babies. obsessed with bacon.

to sum it up: all of the above qualities put together = super powers. and to have super powers you have to be a super hero woman. and to be a super woman you have to be really hot. and have great boobs.

so yeah. we kick ass. and 1x per year we get together for an epic B-town time.
this year we dragged our lovely littles (and one husband) to the Children's Museum in Boston.

one of us had twin girls & a hand out of commision. another had a toddler melting down + a squirmy bebe (um, that would be me). another, a child hell bent on escaping. and etc etc,

but being awesome, we made it work.
- while i toted alex back & forth to the bathroom (amidst her melt down), my ladies swooped in & took care of brynn.
- i changed several poopy diapers- and some of them didn't belong to my girls.
- noses were wipes. faces were washed.
- snacks were shared & fights over grapes & goldfish ensued.
- homemade french macarons with nutella filling induced comas were had (you're welcome)
- lunch @ Flour was purchase & consumed & shared.
- pictures were taken (mamarazzi style).
- little girls shrieked, played, hit, hugged, giggled, fell, cried, helped, shared, stole- the works.

it was amazing. and tiring. and a little sticky- but mostly amazing.
and we have forever proof & memories in the way of pictures.


this was the best group shot.


perhaps the children..?


FAIL! (lol @ brynn)



mamma love time.


the one brave dad (he thinks we're all "weirdos" because we're interwebz friends. psha)


this cup made it's rounds. it holds the spit of pretty much every little girl in attendance.


nemo goes everywhere


tis' not a cage...but i can dream. wait, what?!


alex did not want to leave the bathroom. kid level sinks = euphoria.


the mamarazzis.

fin. (you can see all the fun on my flickr page)

seriously the best day ever. the count down begins for next year's epic gathering. so. much. estrogen. ha!

oh, you want to see those french macarons i mentioned? (the recipe'll be up in my food blog pronto)


get in my bellah.

Vanilla bean French macarons with Nutella filling ( I made em')
via Instagram

what a way to end the day.
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Elizabeth said...

what an amazing group of [gorgeous] women! that's such a fun story... so happy for all of you!
love the photos too.

Sarah-Anne said...

LOVE <3 both the pictures AND the nutella macroons. pretty please put up the recipe soon??

Ryan V. said...

aww, fun! Such pretty girls...all of them!! It is crazy how close your bloggy friends can be, right? I can't wait to do a blog meet up sometime. Those macaroons look scrumptious!

Mari said...

I just LOVE all the pictures as I sit here consumed in jealousy... ;)

So many beautiful women. I can't help but just feel love. :)