Monday, June 27, 2011

a few weeks via Instagram

i'm still trying to figure out how i managed without an iPhone for so long

DressShooes!Long forgotten Blowfish loafersI only feel slightly juvenile
Daddy timeColdstone!Church
Mocha French macaron with marshmallow filling (I made em')FuelSitting on my desk @ work. This is how I test my self control.Epic basil plant
Her poor nose (she got pushed by her friend)Sleep
dress. shoes. more shoes. my favorite tee.
daddy time. Coldstone time. brynn time. church time.
mocha macaron. fuel. temptation. epic basil plant.
busted up nose. smiles. pondering. sleep.

HairWaitin' to drop $137 on a new tire. Joy.
Trying to crawlEarlybird
Forbidden!Oh LordMy child is going to lose her mind.
HappyI feel like I should stop herBath time
hair. me & b. Sperrys. flower power.
mornin'. stripes. tummy. gaaah.
forbidden. touching anyway. angry alex. her new shirt.
sisters. brynnie. nom. bathtime.

happy monday.
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Bethany said... did you do your hair like that?! so cute!

Sarah-Anne said...

why do you toture me with pics from Instagram?? it's not fair, i tell you!! ;)

t.bird said...

bathany: i'm honestly not sure. ha!