Wednesday, June 22, 2011

favor? and fashion smashion

first off- a little bird told me about a voting going on for the Top 25 Mom Photogs.
i'm no pro- but i love taking pictures & i'd be honored if you feel that i'm worthy of voting for.

so if you feel so led- clicky the button & then click Vote next to my entry. click 1x per day for the next 7 days! gracias!
(i'll put it in my sidebar)

and moving on:
i'll be the first to admit that i don't put a whole lot of thought into what i throw on in the mornings.

it's clean. it fits. it's on.

however, i wouldn't say i'm a complete ignoramous when it comes to fashion. i do have an idea of what's "in" these days & i know where to go to purchase these things.
but i am incredibly lazy & terribly cheap. not a good combination for a fashionista.

i guess than even bigger issue is that i think most of the "in" things are simply terrible (to me). i'm not a fan of chunky heels & wedges. i can't stand super flowy tops, tons of flowers & excessive ruffles. i also dislike jewelry & weird looking belts.

and don't even get me started on random vintage finds. i mean, my God. i'm down with vintage- it can be cute & classic- but some of the stuff people wear in the name of vintage leaves me scratching my head (not to mention my eyes).

i'm pretty sure that gold brocade grandma skirt wasn't cool 30 years ago & it sure as hell isn't cool now.

and then lets move on to 97% of the items in the Urban Outfitters catalogue.
cropped t shirts? denim tank tops? mom shorts? what?
here's an example- 6 outfits that i found via the UO website:

fugly 2


did i miss a memo somewhere? and none of these items are below $35. wrap your heads around that.
i'd usually say to each their own- but really?!

and i guess the final issue is that many of the things out there that ARE super cute & awesome simply don't look good on me.

i'm short. currently top heavy (mommy milk). weirdly skinny in some places. weirdly not skinny in others. not oozing the aura of effortless awesome.

some people can wear anything. i am not one of those people.

BUT- i'm trying. i'm trying to look like a presentable member of fashion society.
i'm not on the fast track to being in the top 25 fashionable mom's circle or anything- but at least i won't be on the "People of Wal Mart" website with fupa inducing mom jeans & an animal print tank top.
i'd love to be able to outfit myself in threads from Anthropologie & J Crew. but hello- i have bills to pay.
thankfully i'm a fan of the more affordable H&M & Target. and when i get a mind to brave the warzone- Marshall's & TJ Maxx give up a few gems as well.

as for online stores- ModCloth & Ruche are pretty swell- but again, i'm a cheapo & $34 for a top still kind of makes me balk.

however- on Mon i did manage to throw together an outfit that i was proud of & didn't break the bank.


top: Marshall's: $14.99
shorts: Converse (Target): $25
flip flops: so old i don't even know

not bad if i say so myself. the top is flowy but not pregnant esq. the short are linen & SO comfy. and the flip flops are so broken in that i could happily wear them to bed.

now- i'm not saying i'm fashionable & everyone else is not. because that would be a straight up falsehood.
i'm just stating that i'm going to try my very best to dress like a decent human being again in the hopes to once again feel young...or at least not older than i really am.

but until that time, here are a list of very fashionable ladies that make it look easy:
- miss james (she makes things- that i would never in a million years consider wearing- look good)
- mandy (everyday friendly attire)
- nienie (i'm pretty sure 75% of her wardrobe is c/o Anthro. jealous)
- kelle (i think we all know who kelle is. and i know i want to hate her for her perfect post baby body)
- melissa (she looks perfect always. always)

and those are just a handful. there is nice little listing found here: fashionable moms
and when i have a minute i like to go & get ideas...

i won't lie- even after getting inspired i usually wind up throwing on my trusty jeans & knit tee. but it's the thought that counts- right?
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Ryan V. said...

gagggg! Those UO "outfits" (if you can call them that) are so nasty! I am by no means a fashionista. I am super frugal...I get solid tees or tanks on the clearance rack at kohls for $3.60 each and a few pairs of capris for no more than $20 each, and a cute pair of flip flops or two from Target for 10 bucks, and call it my summer wardrobe! haha But I DO know that all of that denim crap looks tackey, saved-by-the-bell-ish and gross. Luckily, it's just a fad and in time, something else will be "in"! On the other hand...I love that top you're wearing! I am a fan of Marshall's and TJMaxx, too. And Ross, do you guys have a Ross? It's the same thing. So do you just wear a strapless bra with that top or what?

t.bird said...

ryan- right? i shall enver understand fashion.

anywho- Ross = Marshall's (cept it's down south) ha.
and yes- i usually can't do strapless but this one brand (Lillyette) has the most AMAZING strapless that actually stay up. and it's a minimizer so it totally works for me!

Peeper said...

WTH is right! UO brought back the worst mix of the late 70's/early 80's and threw in some slut. Ugh.

I suspect that if I didn't have a toddler and a job where I'm constantly getting bled or urinated on that I might make a bigger effort. Like you, when in doubt I reach for jeans and a T-shirt. We clean up nice though :)

Jessica@The Southern Belle Baby said...

Voted for you!

Dude- those outfits are HORRENDOUS! I mean, what the heck, man? Even the models don't look good in them- they're totally unflattering. I guess they're recycling leftovers from the 80s.

You, however, look great in your cute outfit! Love Target.