Friday, June 10, 2011

week via instagram

How do we feel about these???And these?Or these? Omg!

dear Lord- how do i pick 1 pair? oh wait, i don't. i pick them all.

My coworker brought me a ton of Peonies from her garden!Smarties heal allBut they don't last forever- dear God.

peonies. happy child with Smarties. pissed off child without Smarties.

Nekkid timePlay?!

nekkid bebe. cessna wants to play. love.

Coldstone ice cream cuppycake!Omg there is Red Velvet inside! ::diesandgoestoheaven::Iced coffee with coffee ice cubes = no watered down coffee! Go me.

things that do not help my waistline. iced coffee ice cubes- genius me.

have a fab weekend!
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Sarah-Anne said...

totally saving that iced coffee cube trick!!

Kelli said...

Those shoes are adorable, where are they from???

Desi said...

I love those shoes...all of them. I never would have been able to pick either. Also, the picture of Alex completely losing it! Weird that I think its cute? Liv acts a lot like that :).

Crystal said...

LOVE the shoes! (esp the second pair) where do you find them??

super LOVE the cameo of Adam Levine with the peonies ;) (that is seriously the first thing I noticed)

and yes. smarties do make every bad situation better.

bryn is mega adorable!

and coffee ice cubes? you are a GENIUS!

t.bird said...

gracias ladies- i got the shoes at Marshall's! hooray!

crystal: adam is my husband. true story.

Crystal said...

t.bird: fine. but Justin Timberlake is mine. (just don't tell my fiance) I'm all for "Brother Husbands" if ya ask me.... ;)