Tuesday, June 7, 2011

my personal damn you auto correct


i was demanding my bff give me some peonies from her yard

i wanted her to make sure they were ant free (peonies require ants to open) but apparently my phone wanted to ensure that they'd also be anus free

peonies - anus - ants = for the win
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e and w said...

lol gotta watch out for that anus

lissasue3 said...

LOL, I thought it was going to autocorrect peonies to penis, caught me off guard with the anus. :)

Krysta said...

Haha! You should enter it on the website!

johannaknip said...

I love that your phone thinks anus before ants. What kind of texts do you send woman?

Sarah said...

LOL! You should totally send this in!