Monday, June 6, 2011

weekend review

my friday was spent volunteering with SONH (Special Olympics of NH)

i've been attending the SONH games for many years (courtesy of my older brother, seen here getting down at my wedding):



(the majority of his dancing included this move & the macarena. but he also mixed it up by doing the worm & attempting to breakdance. epic.)

thanks to my love for the above (even though he spent the better part of my teenage years proposing to his female classmates with rings he had stolen from me- "where's my ring...FRANK I AM GOING TO KILL YOU!!!!!!") i have been volunteering for the past 3 years. it's by far one of the highlights of my year & i get to spend one day completely happy. seriously.

the past 2 years it's been raining (joy) so i was pleased when i woke up & saw no rain (hooray). however, i wasn't prepared for the fridgid temps & 35 mph winds (um, it's effing JUNE!).

myself, my bff & another friend pulled into the parking lot bemoning the weather, only to be greeted by this:

Guess where I am? Hint- it's not Hawaii.

i'm pretty sure this jeep is being driven by a crazy person. legit insane. why on earth would you leave glorious Hawaii for NH?!
to actually ship your car over 2,500 miles of ocean & then spend 6 days driving from Cali (also lovely) to NH?!?

my mind still can't grasp it.

anyway- despite the cold & crappy winds- we had a kick ass time:

Volunteering at the special olympics!

i also managed to aquire a pretty bad ass sunburn on my face. mainly my nose & cheeks. i look like the freaking Scarecrow.

the rest of the weekend was spent playing with my girls (who are blissfully unaware that they don't reside in hawaii)

Oh snap LoveAlex Brynn
Milk coma ChickensShadow Strollin' Sleep
(via Instagram)

i've got more- but in an effort to reduce the risk of picture overload, i'll save em' for later.
for now i'll leave you with the knowledge that i'm at my desk trying not to eat all of these:

Nutella frosted brownies- I brought them to work so I wont eat them all.

so far so good. this is a testimony of my incredible self control.

but then again, it's only 11 o'clock.
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Kate said...

Oh man I want those have WAY more willpower than I do!

What type of double stroller did you end up getting? Do you like it so far?

Totally Momma said...

I think that's so great that you volunteer!! The special Olympics is wonderful!
I must go bake brownies now because those look delish!!

Mitzi G. said...

OMG those brownies look AMAZING!!

Sarah-Anne said...

the brownies = serious choco envy. send some my way? ;)

Jess said...

I can't get over how long Alex's hair is now. I love that goofy pony! Looks like a great weekend. I wish we had the special olympics somewhere around here, I'd love to help out with that!