Friday, June 24, 2011

a quick father's day recap

we set off to RI bright & early last Sunday.
our destination: The Roger Williams Zoo (because fathers got in free)

a pit stop was made in order to eat breakfast & change diapers:

Car ride
classy McD's. ridin' dirty. alex.

alex also consumed way too much water & promptly pee all over herself & her father.
this led to the rinsing of clothing & the use of the bathroom hand dryer in an attempt to make things wearable.

when that failed- operation "dry RuffleButts on the car's dashboard" commenced:

Drying a wet RuffleButt
it didn't work as quickly as i hoped it would

despite an awesome double stroller, purchased specifically for her & her sister, alex refused to sit & demanded to walk or be held then entire time.

she did show some mild interest in the animals- but not nearly as much as the husband was hoping for.

Roger Williams zoo
alex's favorite. zebra. flamingo.

but all i all- we had a great time.



and this sign made me lol:


we wrapped up our time at the zoo & set off for something i had been looking forward to for days:


that's right- Rita's.
we don't have any up in our area- and i haven't had a Rita's in YEARS so i almost lost my mind.


Rita's 4 life!




gah. as good as i remember.

me: Gelati with a layer of vanilla frozen custard- Cranberry italian ice- vanilla frozen custard
the husband: Gelati with a layer of vanilla frozen custard- Pear italian ice- vanilla frozen custard

and the best part? the girls were totally unknowing the backseat- so i didn't have to share.

short & sweet. have a great weekend!
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jenn said...

those treats look yummy!!!!!!
and we love going to the zoo! we actually just went yesterday morning for a few hours! i think our zoo is FANTASTIC!...and it is FrEe for everyone....all the time! score!!!! its the st louis zoo...everyone should come and check it out!!!

Sarah-Anne said...

looks like a great time!!

Jess said...

Taking Elliot to the zoo is still at the top of my list! I'm also adding a trip to Rita's, which I've never even heard of. But I MUST go there someday!!