Wednesday, June 8, 2011

picture post

pictures from the weekend:


the new double stroller.
we went with the Kolcraft Contours Optima Tandem

i really wanted the Hudson pattern (which is only available in selct Buy buy Baby Stores) so i was pumped when we stopped in on Sunday & spotted it on the store floor. they informed us it had just arrived the night before. score.

i love it. it pushes with ease, it's light (for a double) & has a TON of basket room. the seats have 6 diff position options & the option to only use 1 (and have room for storage).
it does take up the entire back of my jeep- but i guess that's the price you pay for a double.

it's also priced right @ $299


"hi binnie bin!" (that's what she calls brynn)




she carries Nemo everywhere.

dress: babyGap
socks: babylegs
shoes: See Kai Run

me: "alex, look at mamma. let me see your dress!"
her: "NO!"


"daddy, walk."

romper: Liberty of London for Target
leggings: babylegs

brynn sat very contently for our ride. and then she fell asleep.


in my hair's defense- it was quite humid.




almost home

ok- now i feel caught up.
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Laura said...

Thanks for posting about the double stroller! I'm going to be in the market. Do you think it's very heavy?

Love the pics!

Totally Momma said...

Omg! My DD is obsessed with friggin Nemo too!! She had surgery the other day and my dad got her a giant Nemo balloon and she just loves it!! I think she relates to nemo so much bc she's a brat just like him, I kid I kid!! Hehe
Like the new stroller, we just got the city select ( hubby might kill me for price!) I didn't see yours at buy buy baby, damn!!
Also I actually remember you back from my "Getting pregnant " days on the bump, I got married in July 07 too! Bump name is mrs.boom. Your girls are adorable!

Sarah-Anne said...

LOVE <3 the hair, whether it's insanely humid or not. my hair alternates from being semi-straight to straight to STICK STRAIGHT and back again. :/

Mitzi G. said...

The girls look precious as always!

B is obsessed with Finding Nemo as a movie but isn't to interested in his actual Nemo.

Kathryn Michelle Jenkins said...

I'm so glad I found your blog. I am following you on twitter now! I am doing a post today about the kolcraft optima stroller if you want to head over. I'm curious to hear if you had any negative things about looks like a really awesome stroller. I've tested the kolcraft tandem stroller but this one looks like it's much improved.

such a cute family!
twitter: kathblogger