Monday, June 28, 2010

i've gone iMac

so- thanks to many of you, FB friends, family, the Australian salesguy at BestBuy- i am now the owner of a brand new iMac.

yes- that's right. me- the PC girl. i've been loyal to PC's since the dawn of computers...actually- that's a lie- because i know for a fact that my family owned one of these back in the day:


dear God. that thing was amazing. there was this flying apple game & he ate letters- anyone remember that?! gah!

anyway- after the VERY early years- we went Dell, HP, Gateway- etc etc etc, and we never looked back.

- would we get pissed when our loyal PC would randomly shut down? yes
- would we kick the loudly humming towers of our many Dell's, to shut it up? yes
- would we think twice about eating or drinking on top of the keyboards of our HP's? no

but they were cheap- and they worked. and i honestly have no hard feelings- even AFTER the whole Windows Vista thing. good God- someone really dropped the ball on that one. but STILL! my Gateway laptop has served me well these past 3 years or so- and i still intend to use it (once i figure out this whole wireless thing)

however, it was time to move on to something that could handle my needs. so after much deliberation (i think i walked away, and back, away, and back...from the Apple table like 15 times) i went iMac.

i went iMac instead of MacBook Pro because the iMac is bigger & better & i don't need it to be mobile. i get a TB of space, the screen is huge, i can calibrate it, etc etc. plus, we already have a laptop if needed- my Gateway.
and since the chances of me lugging around a MacBook are slim to none (considering that i would have to be lugging that along with a soon to be toddler & an infant) yeah- no need. so iMac it was.

so this is what now graces the desk in our living room:


...well, here's a more accurate picture:


the sleek aesthetics of the iMac looks a tad bit out of place against the wooden walls of our home- but i think everyone will learn to get along.

i love the lack of wires. i mean- it's like 99% wireless. incredible! even the hubs is impressed- and this is a man who still types with 2 fingers.

we did have to do quite a bit of rearranging in order to make a spot for it- but i actually really like the new setup. until we eventually add on- it works.

so now i just have to figure this thing out. i really liked simply importing my photos into a folder on my PC & calling it a day (thank you AutoPlay)- but i'm pretty much forced to use iPhoto from what i gather. so i get annoyed that i can't SEE the actual picture i want to upload to Flickr (i'm probably doing it wrong- but yeah) practice makes perfect.

i'll now need to download LightRoom & figure out how to import into that as well. i'll also need to bring over a few photos from the laptop, so i bought a flash drive. thankfully- most of the pics in my laptop were edited & uploaded to Flickr- so no need to bring them all over. i'll just go from a here-on-out motto.

like i said- once i get a wireless connection setup, i can still use the laptop. but for now, i'll simply use both.

so there you have it people. i have a Mac.

oh- and because of said new iMac- the BabyLegs giveaway will start up NEXT monday (07/05) because i was too tired to figure out how to upload the pics i wanted. my apologies!
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Rachel B. said...

Welcome to the world of Mac. I'm a recent convert myself, and I will never ever go back to PC. I have to use a PC at work and it is infuriating. I halfway want our relatively new and sparingly used desktop to crap out so we can get one of these beauties. I think you'll love it.

Mari said...

I also think you'll fall in love with your iMac... You'll see!

And, iPhoto has SO many benefits, just wait 'til you learn to use it!!!

D said...

We are looking into a MacBook... I cannot wait to buy it. I hear nothing but awesome reviews about Macs. And after all of the hassles we've had with our Dells, I'm definitely ready for something new and improved! So congrats!

Carol said...

Color me GREEN WITH ENVY! Holy Hell that screen is huge and the keyboard so sleek...I love it. We had fun figuring out our ipad this weekend, and my pics look so sweet on that thing...the colors on it are amazing! You make-a-me-want-an-imac!

E said...

I converted to Mac about 10 years ago and just got the Hubs to switch over. You'll love it and I give you three weeks until you wonder why you didn't make the switch sooner!

Jessica@The Southern Belle Baby said...

You are going to love it! That's the computer my mom has, and it definitely has a massive screen. Welcome to the mac side! :)

LA @The Reel Family said...

You will never look back. promise. You are going to very pleased with your purchase and I am jealous. I have laptop but desperately want the desktop since my needs are different these days. Maybe next yrs tax refund will buy it. Congrats!

Victoria said...


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Danse said...

Dude, I'm JEALOUS. I want one so bad. But actually, I'd even be happy if I had the space to fit a desktop in my living room. Instead on confined to edit in the dingy dark basement. Blech.

Mrs.F said...

Kinda crazy we both got an imac on like the same day! Go us :) I've always been a Mac girl & could never really get used to PCs at work. You will love yours!

And I totally LOLed at your hubbs using 2 fingers to type... EXACTLY how my hubbs is too haha