Thursday, June 17, 2010

wedding pictures (sneak peek)

so here is a sneak peek of the wedding i shot a few weeks ago.
i'm not a pro by any stretch of the imagination. i simply like taking pics & wanted to do my bff's little bro a favor.

i showed the bride & she loved them. so that made me happy- but i still judge because i can't help it.

what do you think. be honest. also- which edits do you like best? (ie: B&W, color, vintage- etc etc)

i'll post the rest soon- editing is a bitch.

there you go. there are A LOT more. i took over 300 pics. i'm doing all sorts of different edits & giving them my favorites (even if that means 2 different edits of the same picture)
yay! ok so be honest- if you didn't have to pay me would you ask me to shoot anything for you ::wink wink::
i don't think i did too bad. some limb chopping & other things that i'm working on- but all in all- ont vomit inducing!
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Jessica@The Southern Belle Baby said...

I think they came out great! In general, I am a fan of b&w, but the green is so verdant and bright in these... methinks it's a tie. Lovely!

Elizabeth said...

those look great! my favorite is the 2nd from the bottom.

janineb said...

great job T! I am sure the bride will be very happy.

I really like how you have done the B&W's, but my favourite colour is 2nd from the bottom. Normally I like bright colours, but I think the green in your standard edit is coming out too neon here. That is a perfect mix, especially with the fact he is military, it makes it feel timeless.

SadeRa盈君iford0412 said...

It is no use crying over spilt milk...................................................................

Bee said...

I agree, I like the second one from the bottom and the B&W one where he's kissing her and holding her. I think the green is a little too green too. But I love your photos of Alex, etc. and I think you do a great job, so I'd hire you. The editing can always be changed. Great Job.

Kate said...

I agree about the neon green, but I LOVE LOVE LOVE the colours in the last photo! It looks vintage.

Great job!

Carol said...

Beautiful! You captured some wonderful moments. I love the B&W and the vintage. I'd hire ya!

Seeker said...

I like the one where he is lifting her up in the air and of course the one where they are kissing after saing "I do!" I like the bright colors the best.

The only one I don't really like is the black and white one where the hat is covering her face, because it sort of looks like a paper plate a little bit. I think it looks better in color and overall if they were my wedding pics I'd be a happy girl! Good job.

mangiabella said...

these photos are just lovely! i found u through MBC but I know it was PROVIDENCE and that the good Lord sent me this way :) i just became a follower and would love to have you follow me at

i share heartfelt inspirational thoughts and delicious recipes - i'm a new blogger, so there are just a few posts, but much more coming down the pipeline

God Bless u sweet bella - keep shining

Bekah said...

You did great! The only thing i'll say, (and its more of an opinion/observation than a criticism) is that in the B&Ws with the hat over their faces, it was weird at first. Until I saw the color version, it was kind of like a big white circle over their faces for some reason. I do like the pic in color though!

Good job! I periodically assist on weddings, and they are SCARY! I would never ever be able to do it on my own.