Monday, June 14, 2010

Kinder Glo giveaway winners!

i let this run a little longer since i was 2 days late getting it up!

so the 2 winners of the Kinder Glo nightlight giveaway are:
Comment #20- Congrats Bethany!!!

Comment #25- Congrats Mrs. Almonds Joy!!!
please contact me within 24 hours with your info (ie: address) and i'll get these right out to you!
to everyone else- thank you as always! i wish everyone could win- but alas.
however, today's giveaway is pretty awesome! 2 pieces from the Moody Mama's Collection by Christian Siriano!!!
so for those of you who are pregnant or are planning to be pregnant...stick around & check it out!
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Mrs. Almonds Joy said...

YAY! SO excited. Thank you.

Bethany said...

YAY!!! Thanks a million!! This just made my week:)