Friday, June 25, 2010

picture post

so i've played around with my template & i think i like it.

i wanted
1. simple
2. bigger pictures

in the future i'll need to re-size my pics FIRST before uploading to flickr. because right now my large pics = 1024x680 and my medium pics = 500x332

large is too big & medium is too small- i want something in the middle. i tried simply changing the size on the link- but then the pictures get pixalated & weird.

so i'm assuming re-sizing first will do the trick- am i right? any other easier ideas? i really don't want to re-size first but i'll do what i have to i suppose.

well for today the pics will be medium size- because i don't have the energy to re-size!

here's a crapload of pics of alex & myself (@ 16 weeks) & the weiners. she was teething & snotty & a tad bit sick- but all in all, a good sport.

i took a bunch for her 9 months shoot yesterday- but those'll have to be posted next week:

Picture or Video 1068
Picture or Video 1069
Picture or Video 1070
Picture or Video 1072
Picture or Video 1074
Picture or Video 1075
Picture or Video 1076
Picture or Video 1077
Picture or Video 1078
Picture or Video 1079
Picture or Video 1080
Picture or Video 1082
Picture or Video 1084
Picture or Video 1085
Picture or Video 1086
Picture or Video 1088
Picture or Video 1089
Picture or Video 1093
Picture or Video 1094
Picture or Video 1095
Picture or Video 1096
Picture or Video 1097
Picture or Video 1098

and there- pretty girl!

and lastly- any advice on a new computer/laptop?

i'm a PC girl & i currently have an HP Laptop (i think)- nothing special, just whatever. it's 3 years old and is currently being asked to do way more than it can handle (ie: pictures, LightRoom, CS4- etc etc)

i'm getting SO annoyed with the constant random shutdowns- but i know it's my own fault.

so! i need a new computer. i know Macs are awesome for photos- but i've never owned a Mac & i love PC's- but i'm willing to go with a Mac if it's the best bang for my buck.

i'd love to stick with a laptop- but is there a laptop that can handle all that i need to do (photo editing wise)? or am i going to have to bite the bullet & by a desktop (which i don't mind all that much)

i have to make a decision soon because my LightRoom trial runs out on 06/30 & i don't want to buy it & put it on my laptop to then wind up with a new computer & have to buy it again- you know?

so any suggestions/advice- etc etc? i'd love to hear! gracias!
and have a great weekend everyone!
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Carol said...

I lovie that 3rd picture of alex...what a smile!

I've never owned a Mac, but I hear that they are simpler once you figure it out...and yeah, great for pics. We just picked up an ipad, so we'll see how that goes for displaying/showing off pics. I think you can probably find a laptop that as the memory/speed that you are looking for. We bought a giant is not only internally huge, but the frickin' keyboard on it has a 10 keypad, which I love (cause I'm all accountant and number-y). Love the bigger pics and new layout!

janineb said...

you look adorable mama! what a sweet little bump you got going. And that Alex - ooh boy she gets cuter every day!

for pics - you use blogspot right? I tend to PIP my larger size, then right in your compose screen for the post, hover over the photo and a little menu pops up letting you choose a size. I usually go for medium or large on my blog. I haven't noticed major pixelation this route.

for comps. macs are much loved in the design world - adobe, PS and LR should work beautifully. the difficult thing about laptops though is they are very difficult to calibrate (so I have heard). And if you are serious about editing, calibration is supposed to be key. Ask on the photo board for more detailed info.

A Baby Peach said...

Cute pics! Love the lighting in the last few!

Re: laptop - shoot me an email if you want to talk to DH. He works for a well known computer co. and can help you make a decision and give you some options. ;)

Ashley Sisk said...

These are wonderful pictures - are you experimenting with the self-timer? I need to try that. I like your new layout as well. I typically resize and sharpen my photos in PSE at 850 pixels wide (I let it auto size height...or if it's a vertical shot, I resize height at 850px) - that seems to work for me. I do edit on a laptop, but I have a screen at work and I have adjusted my colors for that. You might consider getting a laptop and docking station. I'm hoping to move in this direction. Email me if you want to talk more ( said...

I love the pics! Those last few with the back/side lighting are beautiful!!:)

I'm not too much help on the computer issue - I have both a desktop and laptop that I use. I'm mostly on the laptop (HP) and it seems to do just fine. I hear wonderful thigns about Mac's but they're soooo expensive!

As for picture posting, I use LR to resize my long side to 700 px and I have it set to sharpen for the web. That seemed to help. Anywho....

Last point of my comment - I have an award for you over here:


LA @The Reel Family said...

Will you please tell me what lens you use. These pics rock.

I L.O.V.E. my mac more than anything in the world besides my hubby and babe of course! Apple is my one and only computerman period.

Ashley B. said...

You definitely want a mac book pro!

Erica said...

Alex is so darn cute and you look great as well!!!

As far as the computer i have an HP too but Im dying for a MAC !!!

Amy said...

You look sooo cute pregnant!
I also love your pics
Did you change your template to allow for bigger pics? that's what I want to do but can't figure it out.

i love the new header!

t.bird said...

thank you ladies for the suggestions/compliments!

i'll be emailing some of you & Janine- you know i'll be asking the board ;)

ummm- for these pics i used my 50mm 1.8! i love it- a little hard to get the focus right with the self timer- but i try!

amy- i used these directions:

i changed my template to the old school style & jazzed it up from there. they were pretty simple & totally did the trick!

and yes- i've always been a PC girl but the Macs are so freaking nice. oy. we shall see!

thanks again everyone!

E_Sharp said...

I have a macbook pro, and I deal with photos and document layout, and it handles it pretty darn well.
I used to be a mac-hating PC user (f*cking mac-ers are so smug) but now I am a total convert. There is a reason they are so smug. Macs are the best.

Busy Working Mama said...

AWESOME pictures! Love those :) My husband built me a PC from parts....I have no advice, though, I leave all that to the man in my life!

Jennifer said...

Love the new layout and GREAT pictures!!! Did DH shoot the ones of you and Alex or did you use a timer & tripod?

You're looking amazing, as usual!

Jessica@The Southern Belle Baby said...

Love the new template and LOVE your pregnant belly!

I must tell you... macs are where it's at. They're so much simpler that it actually takes a while to un-PC yourself so you can fully understand how easy it actually is. I don't think sentence made any sense, but just trust me. Mac= fab.

Presh said...

I love your cabin, your property, the green in everything! So jealouse! What part of the country do u live in? beautiful baby and pictures too!

liz said...

Beautiful, beautiful pictures! And your baby belly is so sweet. Love seeing the weiners, too. :)

jenn said...

these pictures just oooze sweetness!

Phoenix said...

Adorable pictures of Alex and your baby belly is super cute!

Phoenix said...

P.S. I'm a professional graphic artist and also did paid photography gigs in my pre-children days, honestly PC's work just as well as a Mac. I was anti PC for many, many years... because artists are taught to HATE PC's. When my powerbook died and I didn't have to $$$ for a new Mac, I bite the bullet and purchased a PC. Honestly, I happy with my Dell Inspiron and don't know that I'll ever purchase another Mac.

慧玲慧玲 said...


Anonymous said...

I love your little girls outfit! Where did you get it?

Elizabeth said...

your daughter is so gorgeous and you look amazing!

by the way, i think your blog has the best title out there. i love that verse, and it's such a good reminder!

t.bird said...

alex's outfit is from Tea clothing- i ordered it via Amazon :)

i used a self timer for the pics- for some reason i forgot i have a remote for my camera. would have saved me the awkward 10 second run back to alex!

i live in the northeast :)

thank you again everyone!
and elizabeth- thank you! it's one of my favorites & also the one my pastor read at our wedding, which made everyone laugh because we ARE the Birds :)

Blushingbride said...

Love the new layout and banner. I would love if I could get my blog to look even a smidgen like this. Happy nine months to beautiful Alexis too!

Do you know what you are having? If not do you plan on finding out?

Mitzi G. said...

The photos are amazing as always; she is such a little cutie pie & I must say you look fab as well......loving the bump!

Carolyn said...

Hi there, I'm your newest follower. Your daughter is absolutely adorable. Love the baby bump, too cute!