Thursday, June 10, 2010

i've been meaning to...

there are a bunch of things i need to sit down and post about:

- pics from Memorial Day weekend
- wedding pics
- my love for pretzel m&m's
- alex's first time in her kiddie pool pics
- the fact that i re-read 1/2 of the Twilight series AGAIN this the new book
- the fact that the above makes me a 26 year old weirdo

see? lots of stuff. but i'm tired. and lazy. but i'm gonna- i promise. i'll get my butt in gear this weekend & get some stuff up for you guys next week.

but what i did want to say:

if you're ever looking to do something "more"- consider volunteering with The Special Olympics!
i've been doing this for a few years now & it's one of the most rewarding things EVER!

my older brother has Downs Syndrome so helping those with a little something extra has always been something i love to do.

so tomorrow is the start of The Special Olympics here in NH- i'll be there all day & i'm really excited. i can't tell you enough how awesome it is. i've never met people with bigger hearts & more open minds. seriously.

i'm not tooting my own horn or anything like that- i just wanted to express how much something so little as saying "Good job!" can mean so much to someone else!

SO! if you ever have the time or desire- i encourage you to JUST DO IT! nike style people.
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Saffy said...

Having fun AND helping out. Could it get any better? Hope you have a fantastic time :)

Lori said...

OMG I looooooooooooove pretzel m&ms!!! I just finished a bag!

I'm a new follower from The Exposed Mom, by the way! Your daughter is beautiful..

Lori said...

Oh, we have 2 mini-doxies too!!

Holly said...

I follow your blog and just saw that you are in NH too. Very cool! Have fun at the Special Olympics!

Lee Anne Holman said...

I do it too, here in GA, volunteer that is. Its awesome. I love it.

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shawnandlarissa said...

I love the pretzels m&ms!

Tamara said...

I am completly addicted to pretzel m&m's, a very unhealthy (in more ways then one) addiction! OMG, love them!

And, good for you for volunteering!

prashant said...

Hope you have a fantastic time :)
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Emily said...

I too am addicted to pretzel m&m's and Twilight! I read the new book in just a few hours - how did you like it?

t.bird said...

Emily: i LOVED it- sorta. made me sad that Bree ends up getting killed. oy!

and i' glad i'm not the only pretzel m&m addict- makes me feel better.

and hooray for other volunteering!