Tuesday, June 15, 2010

alex in her pool

so a couple weekends ago we got alex her first little pool.

in anticipation for what was most likely to be a monumentous occasion, i slathered her in sunscreen & bug spray & squeezed her into her bathing suit.

...only to get outside & realize that even after sitting in the sun for 2 hours. the pool water was still at a hypothermic level. like, insanely cold.

so i boiled some water & poured it in. FINALLY- success. water that would not endanger my child's life with it's fridgid temperature.

i got the camera ready & put the hubs on "get baby in the pool duty": (all pics are SOOC- so no fun editing peeps)

we started with the slide:

ok- we're cool with the slide. now- water time:

initial reaction: "get me the eff out of this pool!":

but then she started to warm up to the idea:

"...wait, i can splash you say?":

"well i'll be!":

splish splash


and there you have it folks. alex's first time in her pool.

unfortunately about 3 minutes later she realized that she could pull herself halfway over the side of said pool & eat the dirt & grass. hmm, ok.

so after distracting her, she got on her tummy in the pool and pushed herself around- fun! until she swalled some water, choked on it & threw up in the pool.

then pool time was over. but it was fun while it lasted.

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Britt said...

PRECIOUS!!! My daughters first pool experience was the same exact way! She ended up getting used to the cold water though and splashed her little heart out! Maybe I should be a nicer mom and make the pool more like a sauna??? nahhh she needs tough skin!! And I still cant get over how freaking adorable your little girl is!

Rebekah said...

Fun times! She got the macdaddy of pools-Hampton's jealous! That last picture is too cute!!

Blushingbride said...

ZOMG! Her hair, her eyes, that smile! I love her. Great pictures.

Jessica@The Southern Belle Baby said...

bwa ha ha, love that ending... too funny. She is so cute in her little bathing suit!

Carol said...

She's adorable in her yellow suit! That's always how a good time ends, either poop or puke!

Amy said...

HEr expressions are soooo funny! i love it!

Scullyhoyy said...

Great Story! She is too cute.

Danse said...

So cute! Also, I love her bathing suit - where'd you get it?

Amy said...

Haha. I love your captions. My goodness your daughter is so frickin' cute!!! And what a cool pool with the slide and all. Looks like lots of fun (aside from throwing up and all!)

Mitzi G. said...

so precious!

jenn said...

too cute! my daughter loves splashing in the pool too

Tamara said...

She's so cute! Fun :-)

Mrs.F said...

Ahhh so cute!!! Gigi lurves her pool too!