Tuesday, June 1, 2010

baby bird#2 update/NT Scan

the husband & i went in on friday morning for our NT Scan.

i know some people avoid the NT Scan, but we use it as another chance to see the baby , as well as a chance to test for anything that might require us to have addtl preparations in place.

so- the fun part, seeing the baby! i think seeing your inside kid on a screen is one of the best things ever:

baby bird#2 was wiggling & jumping around like crazy. it brought back all the memories of seeing alex at her NT Scan. so freaking awesome.
the u/s tech got 99% of her measurements & then baby bird simply stopped cooperating. she needed him to turn over & he just wouldn't. so i had to go pee & jump around.
after about 5 more minutes he turned over just enough & she was done. she let us look for a couple more minutes & sent me on my way for bloodwork.
measuring: 12 weeks 2 days
due date: dec 8th
heartbeat: 156 bpm
nt measurment: 1.2 mm
so, so far so good! my due date moved way up from the original dec 15th date- but we're going to say dec 10th for a nice middle of the road date.
so today = 12 weeks 4 days

it was so awesome to see him. it's just so reassuring! such a miracle- and i'm so very thankful every day!
as for me- i still look about the same as i did 5 weeks ago with belly pic#1- so i haven't bothered to take another one yet. i will this week.
i can definately see a bump, but if you didn't know i was ku then you wouldn't know.
symptoms are mild- just like with alex- but i'm freaking tired 100% of the time. i don't think the hubs really gets how tired i am. so my "i'm reeeeally tired..." statements fall on deaf ears.
in other news: this weekend was fab. i'll be sure to post pics asap- i shot a wedding this sunday & i can now see why real photogs charge so much. omg- time consuming much?!
5 hours at the wedding- shooting
10+ hours editing (and still not done)
i only have 300 or so pics but the editing is killing me- it takes foreveeeer. so yeah, no more bitching about photography prices- i get it now.
ok- so i promise to get a new belly pic this week & get some weekend shots up before friday (i hope)
now i need to go catch up on blogs. please forgive me if i haven't commented in awhile- i'm trying to keep up!!!
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Jessica@The Southern Belle Baby said...

He or she is gorgeous already! I think I can already see the beginnings of a head full of curly hair... (okay, so not really, but I am sure the awesome hair gene will be passed on to he/ she, as well). I'm so glad everything is looking good with baby bird #2! Congrats!

E said...

The fatigue the 2nd time is soooooooo much worse. Well, it has been for me. You've got one cute little baby in there!

Anne said...

Yay! Love the u/s pics :)

Kristina said...

Congrats on bird #2! You're due right around the same time as me. They say my due date is Dec. 12, but I think I'll be a little longer than that.

I've been super tired too, but this is my first, and my energy is coming back... I dont' know that I could say the same if I had another little one to chase around!

SweetPea said...

I'm so glad B2 is doing so well!!! And I agree that the exhaustion is much worse the 2nd time around. It's because you are taking care of yourself PLUS a baby or a toddler, which is exhausting in the first place!

liz said...

so great to hear things are going so well!

Saffy said...

Very, very exciting :) Glad to hear all is looking fab. Second trimester. Oh my gosh that rocked around fast! Yay!

Scullyhoyy said...


Desi said...

I'm happy to hear that things are going well! I was sooo tired when I was pregnant too, I can't imagine doing it with an outside baby!

Mrs.F said...

How cute! I really miss being pregnant. Ok I better keep taking my bc because I'm getting baby hungry again & I definitely cannot be ku this soon haha.

I feel the same way about being a bad blog follower... I feel like I'm only able to read every single blog I follow once a week & sometimes not even that!

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prashant said...

Love the u/s pics :)
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