Thursday, September 3, 2009

suprise ultrasound

i was quite pleased yesterday when my OB got a weird look on her face after listening to alex's heartbeat & feeling for her head- why you ask? because she was SO sure she was head down but then...wait...what? maybe she's not?

well what ever shall we do now? ahhh, ultrasound! wooooopie!
so we made our way to the u/s room & took a gander. miss alex IS still head down & quite comfy- she's also adorable and moving around like it's going out of style. so everyone was happy- except for alex who seemed rather annoyed that we were bothering her. she'll have to get used to that. anywho.

so i skipped out of my appt & off to WalMart to buy some of this "miracle" stuff:

Bio-Oil. supposedly it greatly aids in diminishing the appearance of stretch marks. this is all i need to hear- so i plunked down $18.95 for a 4.2 oz bottle (along with an addtl $2.96 for Snickers Ice Cream Bars) and hurried home to slather it on.
it smells rather nice & isn't oily in the least- so i approve. thankfully my "gifts" from mother nature aren't fierce & red looking- but they're still there. so i will dutifully apply this stuff 2 times a day for a minimum of 3 months & see where it gets me.
will i ever get a call asking me to appear clad in not but a string bikini on the cover of Self magazine? no, probably not- but still. we shall see.
the night ended with a tummy full of soup, breadsticks & dessert from the Olive Garden (muchos gracious to the husband for this)- and many newly learned survival skills from Bear Grylls.
i feel quite prepared to stay alive if i ever end up in the middle of the desert or rainforest.
...i just need to make sure i bring my Bio Oil so while i'm "surviving" i can also be "diminishing"- der.
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My open roads said...

I used this same bio oil throughout pregnancy, I loved it too and have no stretch marks, which I definitely think the bio oil helped with! I'm not sure how it works with acutally getting rid of the marks that are there, but definitely use it, it's good :)