Tuesday, September 1, 2009


today: 38 weeks
next appt: Wed Sept 2nd
stroller: will be shipped on Thurs Sept 3rd (jeeze Bumbleride, finally)
money: huge (VERY UNEXPECTED) bonus from work = credit card paid off. AMEN!
nursery: done (finally)
clothing: she has enough...i think
day off: Sept 7th (yay labor day)
STD/FMLA paperwork: ummm- suck. i'm confused.
stretch marks: still evil ::glare::
weight: down a pound (..how?!)
baby: very comfy up in my ute
puppies: trying to claim the glider
kitties: trying to claim the crib & changing table
husband: still expecting me to make him dinner- wtf dude?!
movies: District 9 was awesome. go see it- i love adorable aliens
new moon: 80 days ::squee::
3 Musketeers: omg- why am i eating these like it's going out of style?!

just in case anyone was interested. that's whats up.
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Mandy said...

totes random, but before she comes, pick up some gerber kimono onesies. they have the flip over mittens, and are perfect for nighttime to keep warm but not sweating in a swaddle. just a bit of last minute advice. you know, cause i'm sure you're not getting any... :]

Danse said...

...and now I need a 3 muskateers. Darn you tbird!

Brad and Sharra said...

husband: still expecting me to make him dinner- wtf dude?!

I LOLed at this! ; )

Trevor's Bride said...

new moon - 80 days? holy crap, that means I have 80 days!!

Love the "things"