Tuesday, September 8, 2009

39 weeks = 7 days left

wow- i'm due in 7 days. that = 1 week. jeeze.

now of course she may decide to take her sweet time & not come till God knows when- but still! when i got my BFP, Sept 15th seemed sooooo faaaar awaaaay. i remember marking it on my Outlook Calendar at work and thinking- "wow, that's like, forever!" and now it's here. nuts.

anywho. i did alot of walking, errands, etc etc etc to see if i could move things along this weekend. aaand nothing. not even a cramp- just me being tired and achey. nice. i have an appt this fri. so we'll see where things are at then.

in other news- apparently my mother & mother in in law think they're going to be at our house everyday for the first couple weeks after alex gets here. they "discussed" this & decided it would be best. hmmm, really? when were you planning on including me in this decision?
you should have see the look on the husband's face when my mother made us aware of this "plan"- HA! priceless.

i know i'm going to be tired & i know i'm going to want help- but the first 2 weeks belong to the husband and i. i'll take all the help they want to give after that, GLADLY- but the first 2 weeks are a no go.

i'll make them aware of this after i birth this child- no use getting into it before hand.

what else: this weekend the pipes that carry the water for our humble abode, decided to act up. and by act up i mean drain into the basement. it was fabulous. thankfully after much cussing & prayers (i know, these 2 things shouldn't go hand in hand) the husband managed to snake out the problem & everything is copacetic. the fear of not having a toilet nearly paralyzed me. i kid you not.

let's see: i got a few more baby items from H&M & Target (hello .98 cent onsies!) and the man finally sucked it up and bought a new Keurig because our old one (that lasted us an amazing OVER 4 years) broke. RIP but welcome new, snazzier looking Keurig machine.

and now we wait.
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Anastasia said...

I so hear you on this:

"i know i'm going to be tired & i know i'm going to want help- but the first 2 weeks belong to the husband and i."

I hope you can convince them. When it's been 3 weeks and you're exhausted, that's when you *really* need the help. And the time before that is so special.

cady said...

I'm with you on not wanting the moms there right after the birth. My husband and I want it to be just the three of us after our little girl is born, and I think Anastasia is right...the help will probably be needed more at 3 or 4 weeks after birth. :)

shawnandlarissa said...

You're getting so close! So very exciting

I'm already trying to figure out how to deal with my mom. They mean well, but... really? Do we need all the extra stress of visitors?

True Companions Plus One? said...

Yeah, I'm with you as well on it being just the 3 of us. And so far, the moms are good with that. Phew!

And I can't believe you have less than one week left until the big due date - congratulations!