Tuesday, September 22, 2009

41 weeks

as you can see- she's still pretty high. i mean, i don't see much droppage at ALL! giiiiiirl!
i also "touched" up these photos to save you all the horror of my stretch marks. you're welcome!
i have an appt tomorrow (NST & an U/S) and we'll go from there to see when we get to meet miss Alex....i'm getting soooo ancy now! my co-worker (who was due a month after me) had her baby today. wtf?! jealous!!!!
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Danse said...

Looking good! I hope you have a good appt. tomorrow, I'm sure you're dying to meet your daughter!

Melissia said...

Actually, it does look as if the baby has dropped some. Not sure how tall you are, but to this retired labor and delivery nurse it looks as if you can now put your hand underneath your bust in the pictures and that is a change from the previous pictures, so perhaps the baby's head has settled more into your pelvis.
My guess is that you are not very tall? Am I right? If so you are not going to see a huge drop, plus, your muscles are usually are in very good shape, so there may not be a huge change in how you carry the baby ( first pregnancy). Look at the recent picture of Heidi Klum at the Emmys in her dress, she is seven months pregnant with her fourth pregnancy and she is carrying very high, and she looks great due to muscle tone; her height may also play a factor as she is just 7 months.
With first babies sometimes you don't drop until you are in labor, as the baby moves through the passage, with subsequent pregnancies the pelvis is looser and the baby "settles" lower sooner, giving woman that distinctive duck waddle you hear about.
A good way to tell is if suddenly you can breath easier, because the baby is no longer on your lungs, but you need to pee all the time again because her head is now pressing on your bladder.
Good luck with your appointment tomorrow.

Mrs. Goodson...Woo Hoo!! said...

you look beautiful & good luck at your appointment!!

Jessica said...

I think she has dropped some, actually. I know you are SO ready to meet her, I hope she comes soon! Have a good appointment!