Monday, September 14, 2009

stroller- check

so we finally have our bumbleride stroller:

it came in on friday & i made the husband set it up pronto- aaand i love it! it's so freaking cute! the colors are perfect & its lightweight & rolls with ease. LOVE!
and because i don't want this $$$ work of art to get ruined by my daughter's poop, pee, vom- etc etc- i also ordered a custom Stroller Liner from this seller on etsy- i ordered it in the Owls Cream fabric with the Green Minky backing. i can't wait to get it!
in other news- Alex is "supposed" to come out tomorrow. but i have a feeling that i'll be exactely where i am right now at this time tomorrow- at work. boooo. so now i have to deal with co-workers stopping by my desk every 5 minutes to 1. see if i'm here, 2. give me "tips" etc etc. super.
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True Companions Plus One? said...

Cute stroller! And can you believe tomorrow is your EDD? I hope she does make an appearance - I can't wait to see her and she's not even my baby!

Jessica said...

LOVE that Bumbleride! So jealous!

I seriously hope she comes tomorrow or at least by the end of the week!

Leigh said...

Amazing, I can't believe your due date's here!!! I remember reading you way back when you were going through the IVF. We've all come a long, long way.

Now serious question - what are you still doing at work????

Are you not on maternity leave?

And gorgeous "stroller". We say "pram" and I STILL don't have one - and my twins are 10 weeks old! Lovely

Rebekah said...

I love your stroller. I want it. So jealous!

I can't believe it's your due date already!!! Hoping your little bird comes tomorrow and totally shocks you!!

kate said...

You made it! I love the stroller. And I can't wait to see the liner - it sounds great. If Alex doesn't make her appearance soon, you're more than welcome to serve her the eviction notice I gave Bridget. She came the next day!