Monday, September 14, 2009

40 weeks- due date!

40 weeks- here's the reality people:

dropped? hmmm, some!

bare- notice anything?

yes- that there is the evilness of stretch marks :(

a little closer- there goes my modeling days...let's see Bio Oil fix this.

not so bad from this angle though- nice!

so there! :)
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Leigh said...

you look gorgeous!

If I wasn't more vain, I would post pics of the stretch marks on my love handles - beautiful angry red ones LOL

shawnandlarissa said...

Now come on baby!

Kelley said...

OK Alexis, out with you now!

Danse said...

You look great! Come on baby!!

(Oh, and there are reasons I don't post bare belly shots - it's stretchmark city).

E_Sharp said...

I can't wait to see pics of your little one!!
I thought I had no stretch marks, and then they showed up a couple of weeks later. Mommy-battle scars! It's all worth it, right?

FaithJoy said...


FaithJoy said...

youre almost going to be 41 weeks OMG come on Lexy loove!!!