Sunday, September 28, 2008

what the hell?

if anyone wants to explain this to me then feel free!

after my failed FET, my period came & went by the 19th. then i spotted for a day like usual & then it stopped. then along comes the 25th and i start spotting again like my period is on it's way. ok weird- but no biggie.

along comes yesterday- we were going to the fair early so we left & went to my parent's house first to drop the dogs off- i'm feeling a little bloated & gassy(?!) but i chalk it up to the Fiber Tablets i've been taking- but then my stomache really starts to hurt & i'm looking more bloated than ever- like really bad cramps, gas & a stomache ache. maybe my pants are too tight?
we start walking around at the fair & i still hurt, but i'm also hungry- so who knows? then my cramps are horrible & i've got to pee again so we go to the bathrooms- well i take a look & BAM- it looks like my period has started. wtf?! it just ended? i'm so confused!!! whatever i guess. so we walk around more & i feel a couple gushes (gross) so when we get to my parents i go check & sure enough, more bleeding/clots. this sucks.

well we go home & i basically bleed for the rest of the day & feel like i did after my ET (crampy, bloated, aweful) i'm not bleeding much by the time i go to bed so oook- but when i get up this morning to pee, BAM- more blood & my stomache feels worse. now it's not really like cramps- more like an aweful stomache ache that's radiating from my pelvis all the way up. like when i press on my stomache or pelvis area, it hurts.

ugh-anyway. the bloating isn't as bad & it doesn't hurt as bad as yesterday but i still don't know what's going on. it's not a UTI because i've had one of those & that was different. there is no blood in my urine & it doesn't burn when i pee or anything. its just...?!

any ideas?! any doctors read this blog? i think i'll let this run it's course & see how i feel tomorrow. i can still function so it can't be that bad, right?
this is super lame. oh, here's my chart:
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