Friday, September 12, 2008


well i'm not really feeling anything except my period on it's way- so that's super lame. i'm trying to stay hopeful but i have cramps, spotting yesterday & my temps have been low the past two mornings. so i don't know. we'll see i guess.

anyway- i got home yesterday and stupid cessna had ripped her cast off AGAIN! this is the second time THIS week!! i was SO pissed!!! so i had to drive all the way to chelmsford AGAIN and shell out another $20 for a new cast. at least the guy vet was on this time and his casts are like...awesome. the last 2 were put on by one of the lady vets and she's a bit more wussy. the last time the guy vet put it on, cessna couldn't get it off. so i'm glad. i sprayed the shit out of it with that bitter apple stuff this morning and i swear if she gets it off today i'll probably lose my mind.

max also had to get his bum expressed because it smelled bad so that was another $20. God- animals!!! i think they cost more than children, at least mine do. well, only 2 more weeks and supposedly the cast can come off- so we'll see.

umm- that's about it. um- here are a few lol's that make me lol.

lol- i freaking love cats. i'm coo coo for cats!

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shawnandlarissa said...

Don't give up hope already! I'm sure you're still on some sort of hormones (progesterone??? - I'm not sure what a FET cycle looks like) and whatever your feeling can be attributed to that.

Stephanie said...

I am always praying for you!! ((HUGS))

My dog has done that with her foot wraps before after toenail injuries. It drove me insane!! I hope your puppy leaves her cast alone for a while now!