Friday, September 19, 2008

lol twilight

so i have this sick obsession with a 17 year old vampire named, Edward- wtf?! i love him- i love it- i love it ALL!
there is something else i love- it's called "spoofs" & "funnies"- so thanks to a lovely fellow nestie- i have several to share with you. be warned- you will die laughing:

(New Moon)

LOL! i almost peed my pants!
and last- but not least:

SERIOUSLY!!! i'm dying over here. oh man- i need to get a life.
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1 comment:

LDRN said...

I read the series & I loved it. Not my normal read, either...
And I LOL'd at your post. DS just looked at me like I'm crazy (and he's only 9months old)