Sunday, September 14, 2008

6dpfet #2


well i'm about 99% positive that FET#2 is a BFN- my beta isn't for another week but i'm already spotting like it's my job and i have super AF cramps. i know for alot of women this can be a good thing, but i know my body and i know i'm not pregnant.

i'm not going to take my estrace or progesterone anymore- it's stupid. i've never had a problem with any of my E2 or progesterone levels anyway so even if i was pregnant & i stopped them, i don't see that resulting in anything "bad" blah. last time, withing 2 days of stopping i have AF full on- so yeah. we'll see what happens this time. if it comes then i'm calling my RE's nurse and i'm getting my pointless beta done earlier- this is lame- this waiting crap.

we'll see what my temp does tomorrow- if it's low then i'll know that it was the progesterone that was keeping it up. blargh.

hmmm- the husband is more upset than i am. i mean, i am upset, this totally sucks, but i don't have super high hopes to begin with...he does. so every time it doesn't work he's pretty bummed. i feel bad.

i wonder what my RE will say at our wtf?! appt...? hmmm- he'd better have some answers for us.

well i'm 6dpfet (6 days past fet) and i don't know what to think. i've had cramping, and spotting but my temps are looking pretty good. but does that really mean anything? der.

i'm not going to test- it helps that i only have a digital in the house anyway, there is no way i'm peeing on $18 to get a nice, Not Pregnant. yeeeah. actually, even if i had a few $tree tests- i wouldn't test. i hate BFN's and since i'm not positive that this worked anyway, i'll just wait.

anyway- it's pouring out. and it's sunday. so that equals: my ass on the couch reading a book. sweet, right? well actually, the book that i purchased to read today, i read yesterday. so now i have no book :( so i guess i'll have to run out and get one- the problem with this is that Target has nothing that i haven't already read- so i'm gonna have to go to B&N and i don't feel like it. GOSH- my life is so rough. oooor- i might re-read the Chronicles Of Narnia. i love that series & i've been promising myself i would read it again. so i'll probably do that. word.

ummm- that's it. i'm gonna drag my infertile ass to the kitchen and get something to eat- my phantom fetus is starving. i'm eating for 2- der.

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stacey said...

Hoping those good temps mean something fabulous!!! I'm rooting for you!