Tuesday, September 2, 2008

FET#2 update

bw & us today:
E2= 323
Lining= 13.9
Progesterone= start tonight
ET= 09/08/08

i also have a 31mm cyst on my right ovary- i've never had one before so i questioned it but the nurse said they are going through with the transfer because it seems to be resolving itself- which i good. i hope they're right & that is doesn't "interfere" if that's even possible. blargh.

i'm not feeling very hopeful about this FET- i know, i suck. i should feel blessed and happy to be able to have this opportunity because so many women don't- but whatever. i don't feel blessed and happy- i feel sick & tired. and negative- very, very negative. i'm going to try to be positive, i'm going to pray for my embryos and beg God to let them stick- but i'm not going to hold my breath. but on tranfer day my fingers will be crossed that the 3rd times a charm. indeed they will be.

that's it for now- i'll update about the crazy adkins/t.bird GoG GtG later. it was...good times!
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Stephanie said...

I hope your FET goes well. Even when you don't feel hopeful, know that there are so many people who are hopeful for you. When I was going through some of my most hopeless days just knowing my friends and family were hoping for me was what got me through. Know I'm always hoping for you. ((hugs))

ajvann said...

My fingers are crossed for you too. I know it is so hard to be positive. I wish you luck on Monday and will be rooting for you. Good luck!