Monday, September 8, 2008


i had a dream last night that i was pregnant. my beta was 150. i started crying (weird, crazy lady crying) and i was sooo happy. then i woke up- hmmm. ah well, it was nice!
today is FET#2- we are transferring 3 embryos (yes, 3! after much talking with our RE- we've insisted on 3- no more dicking around buddy!!!)

my transfer is at 1:10 this afternoon- so i will get to the office at 12:10 & start filling my bladder- awesome!!! then i'll come home, eat KFC (they now have the original crispy recipe in boneless *gasp*) & chillax on the couch. then it's back to work tomorrow!

i really pray this works- i'm trying to be very positive!!! plus, all the recent BFP's on TTC6+ & TTTC have made me hopefull! (congrats to everyone!!!) so yeah- please God!!!

hmmm- in other news, cessna is still in a cast- she sucks, and won't stop running around so it has to be on longer and we have to "keep her from running"- um, are you kidding me? i'd have
better luck getting pregnant on my own- stupid vet.

please excuse my boobs & brandon's face- i'm pretty sure the 49ers were losing- haha.

so i walked in on the cats in this compromising position...hmmm- weirdos. max doesn't approve.

and this is what the kids did while daddy watched football- ugh- sooo boring!!
and that's all for now- i have a bunch of pics from weddings we went to this summer, and Purple Door that i'll upload later- for now, i'm off. ciao
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Callie said...

i'm praying for you! good luck!

Marijana said...

I'll be thinking about you today and hoping for the best :)

OMG--those pets of yours need to get squeezed. I want to take them all into my arms and snuggle with them! (leo would get jealous).

Sasha & Mark said...

Adorable pictures!!

I'm thinking about you and your little embryos today and hoping the stick, Stick, STICK. Best of luck!

E_Sharp said...

GOod luck!! Sending good vibes your way!

True Companions Plus One? said...

I'm wishing you the very best of luck - and I agree with the 3 - go for it! Can't wait to hear the update. Have fun relaxing this afternoon, and here's to a speedy 2ww!


Cheri said...

Good luck hun! I'm praying for you!!