Tuesday, July 29, 2008

wtf?! appt today

so we had our follow up today: i asked Dr. Glatstein about my tubes and implantation issues & etc etc. he said he's 99? positive that my tubes are not blocked with fluid- if they were they would be swollen & we would have noticed that when we did my IVF cycle (with all the ultrasounds & such) so that's good. also he said that they don't do assisted hatching on 5 day blasts because there is a higher multiples rate (booo) and lastly, he doesn't have any answers on questions about "implantaton issues" he said that is an ongoing discussion in the reproductive science world & there is no definate answer to why or why not the embryos dont attach. obviously if there is a lining issue then that could be the reason- but my lining is always fine & since he is 99% sure that toxic fluid ISN'T puring into my urterus- he has no explaination for why this didn't work- he said again, it's all in the odds- and once again we fell in the shitty ones. ahh well.

soooo he said that he really can't think of any other testing to do for us- my tubes are fluid free, i don't have Endo or PCOS or anything like that- my lining always looks good & all my levels are up to par. the embryos are great quality & everything basically looks good- so we always have a 50/50 shot.

the plan: when my next period starts, i call & we start the ball rolling for FET#2. we'll follow the same protocol with the addition of a couple of drug my nurse forgot about with our last FET (woops!!!) she felt bad about forgetting but i'm rpetty sure that isn't the reason this didn't work last time- the drugs are ant-inflamitory & antibiotics- simply safeguards against infection. so we'll get those in there this time. we're going to stick with the progesterone suppositories and the estrace like last time. so here's to praying that this one works!

if my body does it's thing on time, then i am scheduled for my FET around 09/07'ish. yay! we'll transfer 2 embryos again & see what the Good Lord has in mind!
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iHikeandRun said...

Not having an answer as to WHY is so frustrating especially with supposedly perfect conditions. You are taking it really well, it's admirable. I'm sorry that it hasn't worked yet. I hope September is your month!

True Companions Plus One? said...

Your WTF sounded like mine - frustrating, isn't it?! And it sounds like you're taking it pretty well (at least in writing)! I really hope everything works and shows up on time and that the September FET works. Here's to hoping!

Sasha & Mark said...

Sounds very frustrating. Have you had a lap? Are you sure you don't have endo? I had it with no symptoms. I don't know-- just thinking of what else might be going on... I hope the next FET is a success.

Is there anyone else you can see for a 2nd opinion? I just feel like maybe there isn't anything else you can do, but it might be helpful just to see what someone else has to say. If they confirm your RE, fine, but if they have new/different ideas it might be helpful.

Anyway, I'm sorry nothing has worked yet-- I'm glad you have some many frozen embies to try! At least you respond really well!

ajvann said...

Wow, that's great news about your tubes. Can't wait to hear about your FET #2. We should be having our ET for IVF #1 right around Sep. 7th too! Woohoo, we'll be 2WWing it together. Good luck, I hope we both get some much deserved good news. Also, have you had an HSG? When they did it, did the die make your tubes swollen and not let it spill? That was the isssue with me and according to my RE there is always fluid in your tubes. If they are blocked and it can't spill out on the side where they meet your ovaries and it has to spill into your uterus then there is a problem (hence having my tubes tied). Our odds supposedly went down by 60% if this was happening. Just a thought...good luck!

Stephanie said...

I'm so sorry that you didn't really get any answers. Sucks to fall in those shitty odds all the time. I hope that the next FET works like a charm!!

Echloe said...

How frustrating!! I really hope that the 3rd time is the charm for you.