Friday, July 18, 2008

poor cessna

ok so she DOESN'T have a massive hernia- she just has severe pneumonia- so the vet put her on some meds & i have to "croup" her 3x a day for 5-10 min at a time. this will help her cough and stuff. we have to take her in for another x-ray in about 2 weeks and in the mean time we need to get some meat on her bones- she's sooo scrawny.but she will be ok- it might take up to a month for her pneumonia to get better but she's not going to die!!!i'm so stoked!!!! she's kind of contagious so we have to keep her away from other dogs- max should be ok cause he's on antibiotics right now too- and since he's older he's not really prone to pneumonia anymore. thank you guys for your prayers & well-wishes!!!! they obviously worked!!!

xp from the nest:

when we bought cessna (new puppy), we were told that she had a minor hernia that had been repaired- so that was fine- i wasn't worried about it- the vet she went to checked her over & said she was fine. so last night we took her to the vet & as soon as he looked at her we could tell he was worried. so what we thought was going to be a standard check-up & a little prescription for her cold turned into waaay more.
he wanted to do a full body x-ray right away- we said ok & the vet tech took her back while he checked out max- max has a little stomache thing & his anal glands needed emptying but otherwise he's fine. (thank God)
he called us back to look at her x-rays & showed us what he thinks is a massive hernia- he said it's so big he isn't even sure if they can repair it there- she'll probably have to go to a specialist, and that's if it can even be repaired.
he said he was going to send the x-rays out to this guy in california & we should have a dx in about 24-36 hours. i basically lost it & started bawling! i mean, he's standing here telling us she might not be fixable because she's so young & it's just so big! he said that he doesn't think her minor hernia was ever even fixed.
so now my husband is pissed because we were basically lied to when we bought her. and he's worried sick (but instead of crying like me he starts geting angry) ugh!
so when we left- $400 later- they said she wasn't in any pain or anything & to treat her like a regular puppy & that the would call us back today or sat. i really hope she's going to be ok- i won't be able to deal if she's not- seriously.
so brandon is going to call the pet store people today & reem them out. they're SO going to pay for this- we already shelled out $1k for a sick puppy- that we already love- and then another $300+ to get her checked out and told she might not even make it- and then if this is fixable- the surgery is probably going to be $$$- my God.

FET wise: i'm 8dpfet & i don't know- my temp went up some more, but i do have spotting & more cramps. so who knows- i'm too worried about cessna to even care right now. ugh.
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Marijana said...

Aw, hun, I'm so sorry. I hope everything turns out ok. BIG Hugs :)

The Bailly Family said...


I'm so sorry dear. Keeping lil cessna in my thoughts!

True Companions Plus One? said...

Yay for no hernia! But it does suck that little Cessna pneumonia. Hopefully she gets better quickly and the other doggies don't get it!