Friday, July 25, 2008

today was supposed to be the day that adkins & i met up for our wilderness takeover- but alas, it is not to be. we cancelled because of all the damn rain and had to re-schedule for Labor Day weekend.

so instead of leaving work at 2 & heading off into the sunset....i'm stuck here till 5 like the rest of these poor saps, working. lame ass!

at least i have my WTF?! Appt. on tues to look forward toooo- we better get some answers or heads will roll!!! whatever that means.

oh- and i'm starting a diet on monday (gross, i know) it's mainly a vanity diet- i want to drop like 10-15 lbs because i have 2 weddings to attend within the next 2 weeks- so i gotta look good! also my "friend" is having her baby in like 2 weeks & i want to look super skinny & hot & make her jealous because she always bitches about how her children have "killed" her body. sooo, i'm not bitter. not a bit!

so yeah- i don't know how well i'll do because diets suck ass- i love food more than anything (cept God) sooo yeah. i'm gonna go to the gym too- so perhaps i'll be a lean machine in the next 2 weeks- we shall see. we shall see.

ok- i have to go work. and by "work" i means google random shit on the internet. der.
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Sasha & Mark said...

You're so funny! I hope you look smokin at the weddings!! :) My Friday work is about the same as yours...

Stephanie said...

I hope the diet goes ok! Good luck with it!