Thursday, July 10, 2008

back from FET

this is just an xp from thenest:

anyway- my FET went smoothly- my bladder was way too full so they let me pee "a little" ummm- it's really hard to pee for 10 seconds & then stop...sooo i cheated & peed for 15 seconds. omg- it felt sooo good. better than anything in the world.

moving on, so we transferred two 5 day blasts & 1 was already expanding since that morning's thaw, so that sounded like good news cause i think it goes: blast, expand, hatching, implant etc. yeah, so they shot them in (after a little trouble with the catheter) and everything looked good.

they wished us luck & made me lie there for 15 min. after that timer went off i jumped up & booked it to the bathroom- wow. i love peeing sooo much.

so 2 of the embies didn't survive the thaw & 2 did- so we have 5 left! let's hope we don't need them for awhile!!!

the picture above: the "expanding blast" is on the left & the "blast" is on the right. we're relly praying this works!!!
to my girls on thenest: thank you so much for all your prayers & well wishes!! <3

p.s. and because i wanted it, ont he way home i made brandon stop & get me a Thin Mint DQ Blizzard- omg yum!!! we also got Taco Bell...i wish i could wat this crap everyday!!!! damn my expanding waistline!!!
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shawna said...

Good Luck, girl! I will be praying that this is the one.

Stephanie said...

I'm so glad everything went great. Your embabies are so cute!! :) I hope that the waiting goes by fast! Sending lots of good vibes and prayers.