Friday, July 11, 2008

1dp FET

*UPDATE* so i just went to the bathroom & when i wiped there was bright red blood on the tp..hmmm- that doesn't seem normal.according to my chart: i'm technically about 9 dpo today (my chart states this, but when i had my US on the 3rd, there was a still a huge follicle & i hadn't ovulated yes- so i think i ovulated on the 4th or 5th so that would be me either 6 or 7 dpo- if i disacard the 3rd's temp then FF gives me dotted crosshairs for the 5th which makes more sense- who knows! & i usually start spotting around 10 dpo & FP shows up by 12 dpo. sometimes when i go to the bathroom i get red blood around 8-9 dpo- ugh. it would suck if this was over before it even started. *UPDATE*

so i noticed, this morning, that my liner was "speckled" with blood amongst all the progesterone crap that leaks out. also when i just went to the bathroom- there was a bit of reddish "cm" as well- again, it's mostly the suppositories leaking out- also when i wiped there was some reddish coloration on the tissue.

i'm assuming this is a result of the FET yesterday- it went pretty smoothly but there was a small issue with the catheter not wanting to do what it was supposed to- eventually it did (we saw it on the screen) and all was well- but brandon said he saw blood on the end of it when they pulled it out- the RE also pointed it out to the nurse and told ehr to take a look @ it- he assured us that it, in no way, had an affect on the FET itself. so since they were all "up in my shit" yesterday, i'm assuming that's the reason for the spotting today. sooo yeah- i'm also a little crampy too- hoping that these are all good signs.

i try not to get my hopes up. but we're feeling good about this cycle- we're really praying this is it!!! i'm also being reasonable & not getting my hopes up that high- we know it could go either way!

if this doesn't work i think our next step will be to take a look @ exactely what my tubes are "blocked" with- is it scar tissue or fluid? if it's fluid, is it leaking into my uterus & preventing implantation? (fluid leaks into the uterus are toxic to embryos) lovely! do i need another HSG or maybe a LAP (which my RE isn't "fond" of) ? who knows- here's hoping that i don't even have to worry about all of that!!!

anywho- i'm glad it's friday! i'm going out to the Olive Garden tonight with some friends & i'm just going to relax- i'd like to have a drink, but i probably shouldn't...ha!
ok- i gotta go "work" -ciao!
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The Bailly Family said...

Keeping my fingers and toes crossed for you T!

Stephanie said...

I hope you are doing ok. I'm praying for you!!