Wednesday, July 2, 2008

and we're off!

i just posted about our weekend to be & stupid blogger ate it- i'm annoyed!! so here's the condensed verison:

basically we leave tomorrow (the 3rd) to go up to in Erroll, NH- we'll be there until mon (the 7th, which is our actual anniv) we're taking max with us & we're just going to chill out & relax.

i have my FET CD 14 bloodwork & ultrasound tomorrow morning, so we'll start out after that- it takes about 4 hours to get up there, so we'll take our time.
it should be fun- lot's of fishing & hiking & reading & sleeping & playing with max & blah blah blah! not working!!! i have a feeling there is no WIFI so i don't think i'll be able to get online.

::prays for a painless detox::

hahaha! sooo yeah!

oh Lordy- that's it
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1 comment:

Sasha & Mark said...

Happy Anniversary! Enjoy the natural beauty and get some chill time before your FET! I am hoping for the best for you!

(BTW-- I always try to look at your blog, but it crashes my browser at work! It is a Linux computer, so I have to remember to check on you from home... :)