Tuesday, July 15, 2008


so i'm 5 days past my FET- and i don't know what to think. i don't "feel" pregnant or anything- there have been no bolts of lightening or weird sensations or anything like so- so i really don't know. i'm also 10dpo so i usually start spotting today- however since i'm on the supps, i might not- blargh!

i'm way to freaked to test- i really don't think i can do it- maybe this weekened if my period doesn't rear it's ugly head by then- waiting sucks!

i'm trying to stay positive- i really am this time. so we'll see i guess. it's out of my hands now. i erally pray that i'm knocked up- really, really, really!!! but if i'm not, at least i can drink at the Adkins/t.bird gtg next weekened- yeeeah- good times!
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Marijana said...

I've everything crossed for you, hun. I hope this is it!

shawna said...

I'm praying that this is it for you. I don't think that you will be drinking anytime soon. Good Luck!

Sasha & Mark said...

I am keeping everything crossed for you! I really didn't feel anything until about 6 weeks, so don't worry about no symptoms. I always thought that was BS, but it turned out to be true. I hope you are able to keep sane until test day! GL!

P.S. I figured out if I pause the music, it doesn't crash! yay!

True Companions Plus One? said...

Oh, I really do hope this is it for you - you don't really want to drink anyway, right? ;-)

And I totally hear you on being too freaked to test. I couldn't do it during IVF#1 - and I'm kinda happy I didn't. Hold out, t.bird, you can do it! ;-)

Stephanie said...

I'm always praying for you and sending good vibes your way! I hope there will be no booze for you at the gtg. ;)

Jennifer said...

I'm crossing my fingers for you!!