Sunday, June 29, 2008

my SIL is a BITCH

sooo, no one gets to meet this new baby becaus my sister satan in law isn't "feeling it"- um, what?! what the hell does that EVEN MEAN!? she's such a BITCH! my brother is tool as well, but he was actually looking forward to people coming to see the baby- but since satan in law controls his every move, now they're "not feeling it" they're only doing this because they're both mentally unstable & they're trying to prove some kind of point- no idea what, but ok. i mean, who doesn't want people to come see their new baby & bring presents?! WHO?! CRAZY PEOPLE, that's who!!!!

whatever- if you guys don't want to act like normal human beings & let your FAMILY meet their new grandchild/neice then so be it. you're just making your own lives more miserable- blargh!!!!
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JackiJaguar said...

That's the weirdest thing I've ever heard. So effed up....

Peachy said...

That is one of the most whacked out things I have heard of in quite a while!